Lost Star of David

Why book Lost Star of David?

Lost Star of David is one of the most talented Hip-Hop artist around. Excellence is a standard he's worked tremendously hard to achieve not only in his sound but also in his delivery. Lost Star prides himself on providing his audience with an invigorating, trend-setting, thought-provoking and highly entertaining musical performance.



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 150 minutes
  • Fee: $300 - $3000


Electricity, energy pulsating through your entire body. The inability to stop dancing, and moving and jumping up and down waving your hands in the air from side to side. That is the experience you can expect from a Lost Star Music Group event. We perform at a very high intensity from start to finish. You are definitely guaranteed to get your money's worth.

Additional Booking Notes

Depends on venue. Please call for details.

Lost Star of David

Formerly known as Lost $tar and later changed his name to better define himself as an artist. Lost Star of David was born thae 8th child of 16 and raised in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn NYC to two Christian parents. This unique childhood is what developed him into the conscious, charismatic and divine MC he is today. On a mission to enlighten the masses through music, in early 2008 he began to openly practice and accept Judaism as the engine to power his success.

In the bible it states "If a man will not work, he shall not eat" (2 Thessalonians 3:10). Lost Star learned at a young age just how powerful this statement to be. His father Donald was a truck driver that frequently freelanced between jobs to keep food in the fridge, clothes in the closet, and electricity flowing for the lights & TV. His mother Sylvia was your traditional stay-at-home mom who prided herself on strong family values. These experiences have better prepared Lost Star for the challenges he faces today. He began writing music in High School and over the years his music has grown/matured from very basic unformatted written freestyles to eloquent and coherent full length songs. However, even after the success of his 1st single “Never Broke” was voted into the top 100 songs out of thousands of submissions on www.OurStage.com (a subsidiary of AOL Music as well as a site dedicated to breaking new artist) Lost Star 1st LP Dollar Signs was never released in 2010. This disappointing hurdle did not only frustrate him but it forever motivated him to refocus his aggravation on future projects.

Lost Star of David will now release his 1st studio LP "Shining Star" in September 2011 under his independently owned record label Lost Star Music Group. He will also be collaborating with various indie artist from all walks of life on the project to give the album an extra dose of originality. The 1st Single titled “My 1st Love” features R&B/Soul Singer – Tene’ Taylor and is already receiving raved Youtube reviews. On Lost Star website www.loststarmusic.com fans can download a free low bit rate mp3 package that contains various songs which are slated to make it on the EP albums. So far those mp3 downloads have far exceeded expectation.

Resiliency is the key every champion holds in their possession. Being able to overcome pitfall after pitfall, bump after bump on the road to success will assure victory for anyone striving to achieve their ultimate goal. Lost Star of David knows exactly what that goal is and is ready for whatever obstacles that may be put before him on his journey of endless opportunity.

Set List

Depends on the crowd and size of the stage/venue. Please call for details.

Influences & Inspiration

Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, 50 Cent, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Mary J. Blige, Lauren Hill, Queen Latifah, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson.

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Lost Star of David to find out what their setup requirements are.

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