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I am a mental health and wellness speaker for conferences and workplace wellness trainings and meetings. I am a member of The National Speakers Association. With a background as a psychotherapist, I offer creative presentations that teach practical "hands on" life skills. I have written three books in the mental health/wellness field, including the recently released, The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

A sampling of my interactive presentations include: Stress for Success, Bouncing Back To Come Out on Top, Staying Positive at Home and Work, The Positive Workplace, and Communicating with Tact and Finesse. I offer many other topics all centered on Emotionhal Wellness for Positive Living!




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 360 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


My Presentations are interactive, relevant, and informative while being fun and entertaining. My focus is on offering "hands on" practical skills on variety of topics including Communication with Tact and Finesse, The Positive Workplace, Team Building, Balancing Work and Home, Stress Management, Listening Skills and The Resilient Workplace. Participants leave my presentations with some practical tips and tools that they can use at home and at work.

Judy Belmont

Judy Belmont, MS, LPC is a licensed psychotherapist and wellness speaker with over 30 year of experience. She has spoken nationally on a variety of mental health, self-improvement and wellness topics, and is a member of The National Speakers Association. With her insights about the common issues and challenges that people face as a foundation, she has spoken extensively on topics including resiliency, positive thinking, positive psychology, communication and managing stress effectively. Judy has provided interactive presentations to all types of workplaces, from small businesses, government agencies to Fortune 500 companies. She has also presented at Governor’s Conferences and Women’s Expos. Her primary focus has been to offer practical, “hands on” strategies to boost emotional resilience, self-empowerment, enhancing personal and workplace wellness. Her interest in the importance of Workplace Wellness led her to form Worksite Insights, where she applies her insights about people and mental health issues to the world of work by offering health and wellness seminars, consultation, Employee Assistance Counseling and troubleshooting to the workplace.

Judy has also taught Psychology courses extensively at the college level, as well as Continuing Education courses around the country for mental health professionals. Her zeal for self-help, self-improvement, personal development and life skills education is the foundation of the books she has written. Judy’s two popular books for mental health professionals, 86 TIPS and Tools for the Therapeutic Toolbox and 103 Group Activities and TIPS are continually her mental health publisher, PESI’s, best selling books. Those books were designed to offer mental health professionals and trainers practical guidance to coach emotional resiliency.

Judy is also the co-author of a whimsical, self-help book on resiliency and wellness, The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life. She has also written a 48 page self-help manual, The Therapeutic Companion, that has been effective with both clients and in corporate wellness programs. In 2011, Judy was accepted as a member of The American Society for Journalists and Authors. She is also a member of The American Society for Training and Development.

Judy holds a B.S. in Psychology from The University of Pennsylvania and an M.S. in Clinical Psychology from Hahnemann Medical College. She resides in Allentown, PA.

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