Jimmy Street

Why book Jimmy Street?

Jimmy is a fantastically versatile musician, singer and entertainer -- experience counts! Look at his calendar and see all return engagements at the finest venues.
Whether you’re looking for beautiful music for your wedding ceremony (his flute and sax playing are truly beautiful), creating an elegant atmosphere for your dinner engagement or need a fun entertainer for your back-yard party, he makes the event "happen". And, he's a fine vocalist who delivers a captivating performance. People who love to entertain know that a great live performer makes their event a success. The synergistic relationship between an audience and a fine performer simply cannot be duplicated by canned music.





Best live entertainment experience!

Great performer! Super professional. He really knows how to put on a good show. Hired him for 50th birthday celebration. he was early and well prepared for the show. He is very personable and interacted with the guests. He had us all clapping and singing along. He has a great singing voice and is a very talented musician. We were all impressed by his performance.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Paulina M.
Event: Birthday Party in Moreno Valley, CA
Event Date: Nov 16, 2013
Hired As: Saxophone Player, Flute Player/Flutist

Jimmy Street ...My Choice

Is a complete Joy to work with. He's a Pro's Pro.
He arrives early , Comes Prepared to work hard and when he plays or sings... It's all out Fireworks!!!
An amazing Musician,and as Flexible a working partner as you could ask for.. Don't even "Think" about this... Close your eyes relax ... He is the Corner of you're presentation you never have to babysit.. Walk away knowing your entertainment needs are in the Very best of Hands.... My best.. Ed Genovese

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Ed . G.
Organization: Ed Genovese.net
Event: Corporate Event in Palm Desert, CA
Event Date: May 11, 2012
Hired As: Saxophone Player

Professional & Positive

Always ready to start on time--plays great--a good singer--and above all, a real people-pleaser. Jimmy makes sure that the music is good, and that a good time is had by all!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Rick C.
Organization: Music Director LCT
Event: Restaurant in Palm Springs, CA
Event Date: Jun 4, 2011
Hired As: Saxophone Player, Flute Player/Flutist, Rock and Roll Singer, Soul Singer

Jimmy is always a hit when he performs at our Happy Hour!

If Jimmy has not been here for a while I have residents come to me and ask when he is coming back. We have Jimmy here as often as his schedule will allow. The residents and staff enjoy his performance very much. Jimmy is very personable with the residents and tries to take a moment to visit with them if time allows. It is always my pleasure to hire Jimmy for our happy hour here at The Lakes Retirement Community. Thank you for your fine entertainment Jimmy!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Clifford M. P.
Organization: The Lakes Retirement Community
Event: Private Party in Banning, CA
Event Date: Jul 15, 2011
Hired As: Saxophone Player, Flute Player/Flutist, Jazz Singer, Pop Singer

Review by Pamela A.

Jimmy is an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s prompt, professional, arrives nicely dressed and most importantly, draws a crowd for my business.

I own a small boutique/gift shop in Idyllwild, CA and have hired him on several occasions. Every time he has brought in more business than I had to pay out hiring him. When he is performing, my store is full of people. I often look out as he is performing in front of my shop and people are standing around, singing along and sometimes even dancing to his music.

His attitude is also wonderful: Friendly, positive and not a clock-watcher. He often stays an extra 10 or 15 minutes if he has gathered potential customers for me. And, did I mention how much my employees and I love to listen to his music while we work? He’s an outstanding musician and singer and is great with people!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Pamela A.
Organization: Wooley's
Event: Private Party in Idyllwild, CA
Event Date: Oct 24, 2010
Hired As: Saxophone Player, Flute Player/Flutist, Pop Singer

Review by Brad P.

This event was a private dinner at the St.Regis Resort. However, I've hired Jimmy Street as a sax player/featured vocalist for hundreds of major corporate & private events for over two decades. In a word, Jimmy DELIVERS. He is totally dependable, always on time, dressed right, plays and sings with soulful artistry, and he's great fun to work with. When I hire Jimmy, I know MY own clients are going to be totally pleased, and that's the bottom line.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Brad P.
Organization: band leader/producer
Event: Corporate Event in Dana Point, CA
Event Date: Feb 27, 2010
Hired As: Saxophone Player, Flute Player/Flutist, Jazz Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Pop Singer, Rock and Roll Singer, Soul Singer

Review by Bob W.

I Have worked with Jimmy Street many times over the past 20 plus years on live shows and recording projects. He has never failed to deliver first rate musicianship & showmanship...Highly recommended

Reviewer: Bob W.
Event: Concert Venue in Culver City, CA
Event Date: Feb 13, 2010

Review by Mike S.

Jimmy is always professional, polite, prepared, and is a terrific guy. He can be counted on to perform at the highest musical standards and will meet or exceed every client's expectations. I highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed!

Reviewer: Mike S.
Event: Wedding Reception in Orange County, CA
Event Date: Apr 3, 2010

Review by Tom M.

Jimmy delivers an excellent performance in any circumstance. The audience has always enjoyed his performances on my events. On this event Jimmy rounded out an all star band and the client was very happy.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Tom M.
Organization: Summer WInd Entertainment
Event: Wedding Reception in La Jolla, CA
Event Date: Apr 10, 2010
Hired As: Saxophone Player, Flute Player/Flutist, Pop Singer, Rock and Roll Singer, Soul Singer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $100 to 250 per hour + travel exp. when applicable
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: AFM


What to expect depends largely upon what the client wants, but here's a typical private party:
1. I arrive early and set up in plenty of time before the guests arrive.
2. Usually, the first hour or so the guests are arriving, mingling and eating, so I keep the music relatively low-key: Standards, soft jazz and easy listening vocals.
3. As people finish up their dinners, I pick up the music and interact with them, encouraging them to sing along or dance.
4. I usually close the evening with a really up-beat icon that everyone knows and likes to sing and dance to.
5. I'll bid the guests farewell, thank them for coming and recognize the host for putting on a fabulous party.

If there are any announcements, I’m happy to make them, and the hosts or distinguished guests are welcome to use my microphone for toasts, speeches or simply to welcome everyone.

Additional Booking Notes

Since I do a solo act only a small stage is needed. Providing easy access to electricity should definitely be considered as well.
Placing me in an elevated, strategic location so that I can be seen will allow me to interact with your audience far more effectively. I do not have lighting, so consider that an important element as well. Placing me in a well-lighted location will enhance the performance 100%

Past Booked Events

03/29/14 Goodtimes Pub & Grill
03/28/14 Bermuca Dunes CC Bermuda Dunes, CA
03/16/14 Depart Grand Princess with GREAT reviews
02/26/14 Mountain View Country Club La Quinta, CA
02/23/14 Persing Square, Downtosn Los Angeles
02/19/14 Mountain View Country Club La Quinta, CA
01/20/14 Grand Princess for Hawaiian cruise gig
01/19/14 Grand Princess Cruise to Hawaii until May 19th
01/03/14 Bermuda Dunes CC Bermuda Dunes, CA
01/03/14 Lakes Retirement Village, Beaumont, CA
01/02/14 Mountain View CC La Quinta, CA
12/31/13 Glen Eden Resort, Corona, CA
12/16/13 Palm Springs
11/16/13 50th Birthday Party, Moreno Valley, CA
11/14/13 Home from Princess Cruise gig
07/21/13 Leave for Princess Cruise gig - Alaska, Panama Cana;
07/20/13 Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, Mission Viejo, CA
07/13/13 Wedding Reception, Huntington Beach, CA
07/12/13 Valencia Marketplace, Valencia, CA
07/06/13 Shutters Hotel/Resort, Santa Monica, CA
07/05/13 Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach, CA
07/04/13 Lakeside Village, Beaumont, CA
07/03/13 Mission Inn, Riverside, CA
06/28/13 Huntington Hyatt, Huntington Beach, CA
06/27/13 St. Regas Resort, Dana Pt. CA
06/22/13 The Little Chef Restaurant, Idyllwild, CA
06/22/13 Good Times Pub, Idyllwild, CA
06/08/13 Wedding, Simi Valley, CA
06/05/13 Pamona Convention Center, Pamona, CA
05/27/13 Glen Eden Recreation Resort, Corona, CA
05/26/13 Palm Canyon Resort, Palm Springs, CA
05/25/13 The Little Chef Restaurant, Idyllwild, CA
05/19/13 The Little Chef Restaurant, Idyllwild, CA
05/18/13 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
05/18/13 Little Chef Restaurant, Idyllwild, CA
05/11/13 Bakersfield, CA
05/10/13 Bermuda Dunes Country Club, CA
05/05/13 Mission Viejo, CA
05/04/13 Good Times Pub, Idyllwild, CA
04/02/13 Montage Resort, Dana Pt. CA
12/08/12 Sapphire Princess Cruises, Hawaii
12/02/12 Agua Caliente Casino, Palm Desert
12/01/12 PGA West, La Quinta , Duo
11/30/12 PGA West, La Quinta, Duo
11/24/12 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild
11/22/12 Little Chef, Idyllwild, CA
11/16/12 Lakes Retirement, Beaumont, CA
11/10/12 Weston Hotel, Long Beach - Hodads
11/09/12 Lakes Retirement, Beaumont, CA
11/03/12 La Brasserie, La Quinta
10/31/12 Las Casualas, Palm Springs
10/28/12 Sandy's, corporate event, Hodads
10/27/12 Halloween Party, Desert Greens, Palm Desert trio
10/26/12 PGA West Club, La Quinta, Duo
10/12/12 Jazz Trio Ritz Carlton Dana Point
10/12/12 Lakes Retirement Beaumont, CA
10/08/12 Balboa Bay Club trio
10/06/12 Fundraiser Long Beach Hodads
10/06/12 Street Fair Manhattan Beach Hodads
09/24/12 Return from Alaska Cruise
05/26/12 Diamond Princess cruise ship ALASKA!!
05/21/12 Anaheim Marriott, Anaheim, CA
05/12/12 Mission Inn, Riverside, CA
05/11/12 Bermuda Dunes Country Club, Bermuda Dunes, CA
05/09/12 Hyatt Esmaralda, Palm Desert
04/30/12 Langham Hotel Pasadena, CA
04/24/12 Return from Emerald Princess Caribbean
03/16/12 Emerald Princess cruise ship, Caribbean !
03/09/12 Bel Air Hotel, Bel Air, CA
03/04/12 Portland, Or. Air Musuem
02/26/12 La Quinta, CA Cochella Valley Wine Festival
02/25/12 Lakeham hotel, Pasadena, CA Chevrolet 100 years celebration
02/23/12 The Mission Inn, Riverside, CA
02/18/12 Palm Desert, CA
02/14/12 Bermuda Dunes Country Club, Valentines Day Party, B.Dunes, CA
02/11/12 The Mission Inn, Riverside, CA
02/10/12 The Mission Inn, Riverside, CA
02/09/12 Hronblower Yacht, Long Beach, CA
02/04/12 The Mission Inn, Riverside, CA
02/02/12 The Mission Inn, Riverside, CA
01/27/12 The Lakes Retirement Community, Beaumont, CA
01/27/12 The Misson Inn, Riverside, CA
01/26/12 The Village Retirement Community, Hemet, CA
01/22/12 NAMM Show appearance, Anaheim, CA
01/21/12 NAMM Show appearances, Anaheim, CA
01/20/12 NAMM show appearance, Anaheim, CA
01/20/12 Mission Inn 54 Degrees, Riverside, CA
01/19/12 Mission Inn 54 Degrees, Riverside, CA
01/14/12 Del Mar Grande Hotel, Del Mar, CA - Hodads corporate event
01/12/12 Hyatt Hotel, Huntington Beach, CA - Hodads corporate event
01/10/12 San Francisco, recording date with songwriter Doug Konecky
01/09/12 San Francisco, recording date with songwriter Doug Konecky
01/08/12 San Francisco, recording date with songwriter Doug Konecky
12/31/11 The Reserve Country Club, La Quinta, CA
12/30/11 Cherry Hills Retirement, Sun City
12/25/11 Little Chef in the Forest, Idyllwild
12/23/11 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild
12/19/11 Pershing Square Christmas Concert (Hodads), Downtown LA, CA
12/17/11 Christmas Snow Day (Hodads) Walnut, CA
12/16/11 Bluewater Grill Christmas party, Newport Beach, CA
12/15/11 Mission Inn 54 Degrees, Riverside, CA
12/10/11 La Venta Inn (Hodads), Palos Verdes , CA
12/08/11 Holiday Inn–La Habra Room , La Mirada, CA
12/04/11 Augua Calente Casino, Palm Desert, CA
11/26/11 Beverly Hilton International Ballroom, Beverly Hills, CA
11/25/11 Bermuda Dune Country Club, Bermuda Dunes, CA
11/24/11 Little Chef Thanksgiving Dinner, Idyllwild, CA
11/19/11 Spotlight 29 Casino, Indio, CA
11/18/11 Lakes Retirement, Banning, CA
11/18/11 Mission Inn, 54 Degrees Wine Bar, Riverside, CA
11/16/11 Firm San Diego Town & Country Hotel (Hodads) San Diego, CA
11/12/11 Marriott Hotel, Newport Beach, CA
11/12/11 Anaheim Convention Center (Hodads concert), CA
11/11/11 Mission Inn 54 Degrees Bar, Riverside, CA
11/04/11 Las Casuelas, Palm Springs, CA
10/31/11 Halloween Party, Del Mar Heights, CA
10/30/11 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
10/29/11 Mission Inn, 54 Degrees, Riverside, CA
10/28/11 Lakes Retirement, Banning, CA
10/27/11 Aiport Appreciation Day, Sheriton LAX
10/22/11 Mission Inn 54 Degrees Wine Bar, Riverside, CA
10/17/11 Montage Hotel Laguna Beach, CA
10/16/11 GoodTimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
10/15/11 Bacara Resort (Hodads) Santa Barbara, CA
10/09/11 GoodTimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
10/08/11 Valleydale Park, Rowland Heights, CA
10/07/11 Cherry Hills, Sun City, CA
10/02/11 GoodTimes Pub Idyllwild, CA
09/30/11 Valleydale Park concert (Hodads) - Covina, CA
09/29/11 Village Retirement cocktail hour, Hemet, CA
09/25/11 The Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild
09/24/11 Mission Inn - 54 Degrees, Riverside
09/24/11 Little Chef, Idyllwild
09/23/11 The Lakes Retirement Village, Banning
09/17/11 Mission Inn 54 Degrees, Riverside
09/17/11 Wedding Ceremony, San Bernadino
09/10/11 Del Mar, concert
09/10/11 Little Chef, Idyllwild
09/09/11 Little Chef, Idyllwild
09/04/11 Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach -- casual
09/02/11 Little Chef, Idyllwild
08/26/11 Culver City, Fiesta Ballona - Hodads
08/26/11 LAX Sheriton, LA Democratic Convention
08/26/11 Downtown San Pedro, concert
08/25/11 Reagan Library, Simi Valley - Hodads
08/22/11 City of Claremone concert -- Hodads
08/20/11 Agoura Hills, 50th birthday party - Hodads
08/19/11 Little Chef in the Forest, Idyllwild
08/14/11 Fullerton Retirement Home - Hodads
08/12/11 Hacienda Golf Club, La Habra Heights
08/10/11 Valley Christian Home
08/05/11 Little Chef in the Forest, Idyllwild
08/03/11 Hodads Pala Casino picnic
07/24/11 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
07/23/11 Aliso Creek Inn, Laguna beach (Hodads)
07/22/11 Little Chef In the Forest, Idyllwild Happy Hour
07/20/11 City of Tustin Community Concert (Hodads)
07/18/11 Eastdale community concert (Hodads)
07/16/11 Quinceanera at Etiwanda Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
07/15/11 Eastvale summer concert (Hodads), Eastvale, CA
07/15/11 Lakes Residential happy hour, Banning CA
07/14/11 Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village, fundraiser
07/12/11 Buckhorn Camp concert (Hodads), Idyllwild, CA
07/10/11 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
07/09/11 Wedding Reception (Hodads), Delfina Hotel, Santa Monica, CA
07/08/11 Hodads concert, Valencia, CA
07/04/11 Lakeside County Club, (Hodads) Toluca Lake, CA
07/02/11 Wedding Reception (Hodads), Saddle Rock Ranch, Malibu, CA
07/01/11 Loffa Wedding (Hodads), Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village, CA
06/26/11 The Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
06/25/11 The Little Chef In the Forest, Idyllwild, CA
06/19/11 Wooley's, Idyllwild, CA
06/18/11 Wooley's, Idyllwild, CA
06/14/11 Camelot Retirement Village, Hemet, CA Flag Day celebration
06/13/11 Las Casuelas, Palm Springs, CA
06/12/11 Adamson House, Malibu, CA BBQ for crew of USS John Paul Jones
06/11/11 Private Residence, Loma Linda, CA 40th birthday
06/09/11 Lakewood concert with The Hodads
06/05/11 Las Casuelas, Palm Springs, CA
06/04/11 Las Casuelas, Palm Springs, CA
06/03/11 Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dana Point, CA
05/28/11 Rancho La Quinta CC, La Quinta, CA
05/28/11 Wooley's , Idyllwild, CA
05/27/11 Bermuda Dunes CC. Bermuda Dunes, CA
05/25/11 La Habra Heights, CA Taste of La Habra
05/22/11 Wooley's. Idyllwild, CA
05/21/11 Brea Community Center, Brea, CA 65 Birthday
05/20/11 La Quinta, CA
05/18/11 La Costa, Carlsbad, CA
05/15/11 Laguna Cliffs Marriot, Dana Point, CA
05/14/11 Thunderbird CC, Rancho Mirage, CA
05/13/11 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
05/09/11 Cherry Hills Club, Sun City, CA
05/08/11 Wooley's, Idyllwild, CA
05/07/11 Bermuda Dunes CC, Bermuda Dunes, CA
05/06/11 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
05/01/11 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
04/29/11 Bermuda Dunes CC, Bermuda Dunes, CA
04/24/11 Wooley's , Idyllwild, CA
04/23/11 The Little Chef in the Forest, Idyllwild, CA
04/22/11 The Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
04/18/11 The Camelot Retirement Village, Hemet, CA
04/15/11 Bermuda Dunes CC, Bermuda Dunes, CA
04/14/11 Las Casuelas, Palm Springs, CA
04/11/11 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild CA
04/10/11 Goodtimes Pub
04/09/11 The Rock Garden, Palm Springs, CA
04/07/11 PGA West CC, Indian Wells, CA
04/01/11 Bermuda Dunes CC, Bermuda Dunes
03/25/11 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild
03/17/11 Bermuda Dunes Country Club, Bermuda Dunes, CA
03/16/11 PGA West Clubhouse, Indian Wells, CA
03/04/11 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild
02/28/11 Wild Horse Resort, Phoeniz, AZ
02/25/11 Las Casuelas
02/19/11 Little Chef in the Forest, Idyllwild
02/18/11 Las Casuelas Restruant, Palm Springs
02/16/11 PGA West Clubhouse, La Quinta, CA duo with Todd Ashley
02/11/11 Lakes Retirement Village Banning, Ca
02/05/11 The Little Chef Idyllwild, Ca
01/30/11 GoodTimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
01/29/11 Anniversary Gathering, Alpine, CA
01/28/11 With "Hot Rocks" Las Casuelas, Palm Springs
01/23/11 GoodTimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
01/16/11 GoodTimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
01/14/11 NAMM Show, Nady Booth Anaheim CA
01/13/11 NAMM Show, Nady Booth Anaheim CA
01/09/11 GoodTimes Pub Idyllwild, CA
01/02/11 GoodTimes Pub Idyllwild, CA
01/01/11 Wtih "Hot Rocks" Las Casuelas Palm Springs
12/30/10 Wtih "Hot Rocks" Las Casuelas Palm Springs
12/17/10 Shutters Hotel (private party) with The Hodads
12/16/10 Stuart's Steakhouse, Rancho Mirage, CA
12/15/10 Duo gig PGA West Clubhouse, La Quinta, CA
12/14/10 Four Seasons Hotel, Newport Beach
12/10/10 Universal Sheriton, Universal City, Ca with EnJoy
12/09/10 Stuart's Steakhouse, Rancho Mirage, CA
12/08/10 Cherry Hills Club, Sun City, CA
12/05/10 Veterans Hospital 40's Jazz gig
12/04/10 Carlo Inc. Sherman Oaks with The Hodads
10/24/10 Wooley's, Idyllwild
10/23/10 Westlake Village concert
10/23/10 Pioneer Higs School Homecoming, Whittier
10/22/10 St Regis Hotel, Dana Point, Law firm convention
10/17/10 Wooley's, Idyllwild
10/16/10 Long Beach Aquarium, fund raiser
10/15/10 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild
10/13/10 Anaheim Marriott, Hewlett-Packard convention
10/12/10 St Regis Hotel, Dana Point, CA
10/03/10 Wolley's, Idyllwild, CA
10/02/10 Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
09/26/10 Donald Sterling (Owner LA Clippers), Malibu, CA
09/25/10 Donald Sterling (Owner LA Clippers), Malibu, CA
09/24/10 Mile-High Cafe, Idyllwild, CA
09/23/10 Village Retirement community, Hemet, CA
09/20/10 Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
09/15/10 HTC Park, San Juan Capistrano, CA
09/10/10 Lakes Retirement Community, Banning 12:30 - 1:30 PM
09/03/10 Mile-High Cafe, Idyllwild 6:00 till 8:00 PM
09/02/10 Cherry Hills Club, Sun City 2:00 till 3:30 PM
08/29/10 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild Noon till 3:00 PM
08/28/10 Wolly's in Idyllwild 11:00 AM till 1:00 PM
08/27/10 Mile-High Cafe' Idyllwild, CA
08/27/10 Cherry Hills Club Sun City, CA
08/26/10 Merrill Gardens Luau Hemet, CA
08/22/10 Private Party Inglewood, CA
08/21/10 Simi Valley Civic Center Hodads 5-piece band
08/20/10 Hotel Coronado San Diego 5-piece band
08/15/10 Goodtimes Pub Idyllwild, CA
08/13/10 Sunrise Assisted Living, Hemet, CA
08/13/10 Mile-High Cafe' Idyllwild, CA
08/06/10 Mile-High Cafe' Idyllwild, CA
08/01/10 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
07/30/10 Return from Kansas City/Graceland University
07/24/10 Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa
07/23/10 Holyfield Winery, Kansas City, Kansas
07/19/10 out of town: Kansas City and Graceland University
07/18/10 eve: Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach, CA
07/18/10 afternoon Wooly's Boutique , Idyllwild, CA
07/17/10 Anniversary Party, Riverside, CA
07/16/10 Four Seasons Westlake, Westlake village, CA
07/10/10 Goodtimes Pub, Idyllwild, CA
07/09/10 Valencia Mall, Valencia, CA
07/08/10 City of Fontana, park concert
07/04/10 4th of July Celebration, San Juan Capistrano, CA
07/03/10 City of Moorpark, early 4th of July Celebration
07/02/10 Lakes Retirement Home, Banning, CA
06/27/10 Wolley's, Idyllwild, CA
06/25/10 Mile-High Cafe Idyllwild, CA
06/19/10 Pomona Fairgrounds
06/18/10 Mile-High Cafe Idyllwild, CA
06/17/10 North Ranch Counrty Club North Hills, CA
06/12/10 Malibu, CA Private Party
05/30/10 Wolly's Boutique, Idyllwild, CA (afternoon)
05/30/10 Good Times Pub (evening) Idyllwild
05/29/10 Private Party Arcadia
05/26/10 Park Concert, Roland Heights, CA
05/21/10 Mile-High Cafe
05/16/10 Wedding San Gabrial, CA
05/15/10 El Cabellaro Country Club Tarzana, CA
05/09/10 Wolley's, Idyllwild, CA
05/08/10 Temple Beth Hillel, Valley Village, CA catered event
05/07/10 The Mile-High Cafe' Idyllwild, CA
05/01/10 Private party -- Palos Verdes Estates, CA
04/23/10 Our Lady of Grace church festival
04/22/10 Encina Power Station, Carlsbad, CA corporate gathering
04/17/10 Mile-High Cafe restaurant
04/17/10 La Jolla Country Club, La Jolla Ca wedding reception
04/09/10 Lakes Retirement Community, Beaumont, CA
03/19/10 La Quinta Hotel, La Quinta, CA corporate event
02/27/10 St Regin Hotel, Dana Point, CA private party
09/22/09 University of La Verne College of Law 40th anniversary

Jimmy Street

Perhaps the most famous original group which Jimmy Street was a full-time member of is the 80’s parody group Big Daddy, which was famous for lampooning the pop music of the day. Big Daddy was on Rhino Records and had a strong cult following. They toured England, Australia and the United States and made national television appearances in all three countries.

Jimmy in well known for his world-class flute and saxophone abilities as well as his highly acclaimed vocal abilities. Because of his love of entertaining, he has recently concentrated on his live performance abilities. He is a founding member of the popular party band The Hodads (available as a 5-piece core band or all the way up to a full 20-piece orchestra) and also has a successful duo which he performs with called The Street Brothers. As of late, he has been honing his musical chops on his live solo project simply known as Jimmy Street. Playing and singing along with well-produced tracks which include background vocal harmonies which he adds.

Jimmy Street has always been active as a first-class musician and has appeared with:
Jay Leno, Diane Reeves, The Pointer Sisters, The Smothers Brothers, The Coasters, Pat Boone, Casey Kasem, Jerry Lewis, Louie Anderson, Pattie LaBelle. He is also a sought-after composer and arranger, with many television, radio and movie arrangements and compositions to his credit.

In the course of his career, Jimmy Street has performed with:
Jay Leno, Frank Sinatra, Patty LaBelle, Kieli Smith, Jack Jones, Jimmy Rogers, Lainie Kazan, Buddy Greco, The Drifters, Pat Boone, Tony Danza, Lee Oscar, Jerry Lewis and most recently, the rising pop diva from England — Ashley Jay, whose songs are recently on the charts in the United States..

Live and in studio, he has recorded and or Performed with members of:
Tower Of Power, The Brian Setzer Orchestra., The Tonight Show Band, David Benoit’s Band, Phil Collins’ Band , Barry Manilow’s Band, The Buddy Rich Orchestra, Stevie Wonder’s Band, Chicago, Rod Stewart’s Band, The Beach Boys’ Band

Jimmy Street has performed for:
Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, The Apollo Mission Astronauts, Bruce Springsteen, Charo, The Los Angeles Lakers, The Los Angeles Clippers, Red Buttons, Former L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley, and many major corporate and entertainment business heads.

He has performed on several European and Australian hit records.
(Big Daddy covers)
“The Land Down Under” “Like a Virgin” “Dancing In The Dark”

Jimmy Street compositions have appeared on several International Syndication's: Santa Barbara, General Hospital and more recently, one of Jimmy’s novelty songs was used to open several Beach Boy Concerts.

Jimmy Street is a member of ASCAP, and The AF of M.

The team providing the talent:

Jimmy Street

Solo act, but I can add top-flight musicians if you want more. I know the best guys in LA.


"I have worked with and known Jimmy for close to 20 years. He is on my 1st call Performers List not only as a first class musician & vocalist, but also because he's always on time or early, dresses properly, has a great attitude and is eager to please. My Clientele is very discerning and I know I can rely on Jimmy to get a party going or just do background as befitting the occasion. I have no qualms in ever hiring or recommending Jimmy Street."

– Richard Slosberg, ceo The RLS Agency, Inc.

My dear friend and cohort, Jimmy "Street" Reeves has been a part of my musical life for 25 years. We started our friendship while we were in Big Daddy (Rhino Records). Ten years later, it continued in The Hodads until this day. In all musical situations, Jimmy has been the frontline star and spark. His entertainment acumen is unparalleled.

– John Hatton Bassist/Vocalist for The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Jose' Feliciano

I've had the pleasure of utilizing the multi-talented Jimmy Street on three different occasions, all of which were tremendous successes. Besides his terrific musical talents, one of his greatest strengths is his ability to "know his audience". His attire, set selection, and stage manner always fit the audience. He's always on time and always is gracious to fans after the performance. I would recommend him without hesitation.

– Ray Adams President & Group CFO Aviation Leasing Group Kansas City, Missouri

Jimmy Street is an excellent addition to any musical presentation, from instrumental-based jazz and pop to his extraordinary vocal capabilities.
Beyond those gifts, he brings terrific showmanship to the stage, and is always able to build a great rapport with an audience.

I have worked with Jimmy in everything from small "background music" gigs to full production concerts, and his attitude and contribution are always 100% plus.

– Sterling Smith

Set List

Here is my song list. The client is encouraged to look it over and make requests.

Saxophone and flute instrumentals:
Pop Music/Smooth Jazz
And I Love Her
Axel F
Danny Boy
I Love The Way You Move Me
Lilly Was Here
Overjoyed -- Stevie Wonder
Pipeline -- The Ventures
Shenandoah (beautiful folk melody)
Spanish Eyes
Traces -- Classics IV
Until You Come Back To Me -- S. Wonder
Wipe Out -- The Sufaries

Jazz and Standards
A Closer Walk With Thee
A Foggy Day (vocal)
Autumn Leaves
Fly Me to the Moon (vocal)
I Apologize
I Just Haven't Met You Yet (vocal)
I've Got You Under My Skin (vocal)
Listen Here
Making Whoopee (vocal or instrumental)
Moon River (instrumental)
My Funny Valentine (also as a vocal)
My Kind of Girl (vocal)
New York, New York (vocal)
Night & Day
Night Train
Our Love Is Here To Stay
Secret Love
Spain -- Chick Corea
Stella by Starlight
Stranger on the Shore
Harlem Nocturne
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Moon River
On Green Dolphin Street
Take 5
Take the A Train (Duke Ellington arrangement)
That's Amore (vocal)
They Can't Take That Away From Me (also as a vocal)
When The Saints Go Marching In

Bossa Novas/Latin
Gentle Rain
Coming Home Baby
Desafinado (Jobim)
Meditation (Jobim)
Night and Day
The Girl From Ipanema (Jobim)
Spanish Eyes
Tea For Two
Wave (Jobim)

Bali Hai
Blue Hawaii (vocal)
Red Sails in the Sunset (vocal)
Song of the Island/Aloha Oe
Yellow Bird

Christmas, Ethnic and Holiday favorites:
Let it Snow
Little Drummer boy
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
O Holy Night
Silent Night
The Christmas Song
Deck the Halls
Jolly Old St Nick
Winter Wonderland
Jingle bell Rock (vocal)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Monster Mash
Purple People Eater
Arrividerci Roma
Funiculi Funicula
Speak Softly My Love (Theme From The Godfather)
Molly Malone (vocal/penny whistle)
Irish Washerwoman (penny whistle)
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (vocal/penny whistle)
Red Sails in the Sunset
Bali Hai
Blue Hawaii
Song of the Islands/Aloha Oe (Medley)

Vocal Numbers:
30's, 40's (Big Band/Standards)
A Foggy Day (instrumental/vocal)
All of Me (vocal)
Cry Me A River (vocal)
Fly Me To The Moon --- Sinatra (vocal)
I Did It My Way --- Sinatra (vocal)
I've Got You Under My Skin --- Sinatra (vocal)
Old Black Magic --- Sammy Davis Jr (vocal)
Making Whoopie --- Various Artists (vocal)
My Kind Of Girl --- Matt Monroe (vocal)
New York, New York --- Sinatra (vocal)
Red Sails in the Sunset (vocal)
That's Life --- Sinatra (vocal)
They Can't Take That Away From Me (vocal)
When You're Smiling --- Dean Martin (vocal)

50's and 60's (all vocals)
Blue Hawaii -- Elvis
Georgia -- Ray Charles
Hang on Sloopy -- The McCoys
Hit the Road Jack -- Ray Charles
How Sweet It Is -- Marvin Gaye
I Believe -- Frankie Lane
I Saw Her Standing There --- The Beatles
It's Now or Never -- Elvis
Kansas City
Little Deuce Coupe -- Beach Boys
Lucille -- Little Richard
Midnight Hour
Mustang Sally -- Wilson Pickett
Oh Carol -- Neil Sedaka
Only You -- The Platters
Run-Around Sue -- Dion
Shake, Rattle & Roll
Silhouettes -- The Rays
Sherry -- The Four Seasons
Spooky -The Classics lV
Stand By Me -- Ben E. King
Surfin' USA -- Beach Boys
The Lion Sleeps Tonight -- Tokens

70's and 80's to Current
Ain't No Sunshine -- Bill Withers
Beautiful Girls -- Sean Kingston
Billy Jean -- Michael Jackson
Desparado -- The Eagles
Drift Away -- Dobie Grey
Dynamite -- Taio Cruz
Forget You -- C Lo Green
Game of Love -- Santana
I Can See Clearly -- Johnny Nash
I Can't Go For That -- Hall & Oats
I Just Haven't Met You Yet -- Michael Buble'
I'm Yours -- Jason Mranz
I Shot The Sheriff -- Bob Marley
Lean On Me -- Bill Withers
Love Will Keep Us Alive -- The Eagles
Maneater -- Hall & Oats
One on One -- Hall & Oats
Peaceful Easy Feeling -- Eagles
Sara Smile -- Hall & Oats
Tears in Heaven -- Eric Clapton

Influences & Inspiration

I have been influenced by wide variety of musicians, singers and entertainers. From singers like Frank Sinatra or Michael Jackson to jazz musicians like Paul Desmond or David Sanborn or classical flutists like James Galloway. I am by no means a 'specialized' act. I play a wide variety of music and styles...but everything is a memorable piece of music that just about everyone has heard and enjoys.

Setup Requirements

Buyer is requested to provide lighting -- if desired

Local: I am self-contained20 electrical outlet within 20' of the stage

Local: I am self-contained20 electrical outlet within 20' of the stage