Why book HE(x)?

Hex is a Fire Poi Manipulator/Dancer, Fire eater, Pole acrobat, Japanese rope dartest and instructor of Flow arts and meditative Poi spinning, based in Atlanta, Ga. His background in dramatic arts heavily influences his performances. His technique stylish, refined, witty, and provocative with an alternative flair.



Hex made the party!

This performer is truly a nice guy, has a very engaging way with his audience, and was a delightful performer. He was worth every penny, and we intend to have him back next spring! There were several bursts of spontaneous applause from the audience, as he would do the unexpected. We give him our highest recommendation.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Kelly M.
Event: Birthday Party in Lexington, GA
Event Date: Nov 9, 2013
Hired As: Fire Performer, Fire Dancer, Fire Eater

Great performance!

He was great with the kids and the adults. Great show choreographed with music!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Brandie P.
Event: Birthday Party in Atlanta, GA
Event Date: Jun 22, 2013
Hired As: Fire Performer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $300 and up (Depending on location and time needed)
  • Insurance: $3,000,000 - Specialty Insurance Agency: Each Occurrence: $3,000,000 - Damage to Rented Premises: $300,000 - Personal & Advertising Injury: $3,000,000 - General Aggregate: $5,000,000 - Products – Completed Op. Agg.: $5,000,000 - Medical Expenses: $5,000 -
  • Languages: English


Fire Performances

Upon arrival, a fueling station is determined and prepared. This will generally take no more than ten minutes. The props will be lit on the stage. The performance consist of a fire eating act, a fire spinning act, a fire fleshing and fire transfers act, and another fire spinning act. This should take a minimum of thirty minutes.

Go Go Performances

Go Go performances can be done with glow LED poi, stage poi, a glow LED hoop, a stage hoop or without a prop. This type of performance can be done as long as desired with breaks for water. Perfect for an event with elevated platforms and a less formal general attitude.

Non Fire Stage Performances

This type of performance should be done in a slightly more formal showcase setting. The performer will be using LED glow poi or stage poi. This type of performances has no time restrictions but 3 - 8 minutes is a more commonly desired length of time.

Additional Booking Notes

Fire performance requirements

Guest entry for the safety/assistant of the performer: During a performance, an assistant will be present to help with any needs the performer may have during the event.

2 designated spaces for the performance ( Stage, Fueling stations): These spaces must be at least 15 feet way from each other. The Fueling station will house the fuel, idle tools, and other supplies . Coleman Camp fuel ( also known as white gas or Naptha) is used for most fire performances. This station should be exclusive to the performer and his assistant. It should also be marked as "off limits" to unauthorized personnel and a NO SMOKING section.

A distance of 15 feet from the ceiling and 10 feet from the audience: Though this type of spacing is not required for a performance, it is typically recommended.

The performer will require at least ten intermitted minutes following every 30 minutes of performance.


Hex, Also known as HE(x) has been training in flow arts for 5 years. He specializes in the art of Fire poi and Stage poi manipulation, Japanese rope dart manipulation, Fire eating, Fire contact (drawing small, harmless trails of fire upon ones skin ) and Pole Acrobatics. He has a cultured and alternative style when performing and brings high energy to all of his presentations whether they are mentally provocative and emotional or playful, urban and upbeat.

The team providing the talent:



Set List

Each performance is designed to fit the needs of the event.

Influences & Inspiration

Hex has performed next to/ trained with/ and has been heavily influences by artist such as :
Michael Parisi
Melissa Coffey
Teddy Petrowsky
Dave Statik
Sadie Hawkins
Ben "Drex" Drexler
Noel Yee
Ky Lee
Phoenix Agulair
Marvin Ong
Many other artist.

His style is influenced by a menagerie of different themes and concepts from 1920's suit and tie to modern pop culture and absurdity.

Setup Requirements

A sound system with an auxiliary jack ( Headphone jack)

Available water source

Dry and riged stage or platform


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