Element 115

Why book Element 115?

The world's only rock show with a UFO ALIEN DRUMMER is the leader in neo-classic rock, and based in Phoenix, Arizona.

You have to see this act to believe it!



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Booking Info

  • Fee: $2000 and up
  • Languages: English, German


You'll never forget an Element 115 show! With AL the Alien Drummer and the visuals he provides on the 12 foot video wall, combined with the powerful music of the band, this is something none of your attendees will forget.

Element 115

Element 115 struggled for a few years to find a drummer with a vision of the future that matched the rest of the band. While listening to some signals from a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program, the guitar player discovered an intelligent message coming from space. Tracking that signal to its source, AL, a being from a world 40 light-years from Earth, was found to be the originator of that message. AL had been listening to Earth's radio signals for some time and heard some rock music from the 70's and 80's. He was immediately motivated to create a drum set and start playing along. He sent a message back to Earth hoping one of these bands would hear him and let him join. Naturally, AL got the position of drummer with the band, and the line-up of Element 115 was solidified. Using a tachyon-beam technology from his home world, and a huge video display, AL plays with the Earthers of the band wherever they entertain.

The team providing the talent:


Drummer, Visuals


Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals


Bass, Vocals, Keyboards


Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Set List

For a complete set list, visit http://www.Element115theBand.com and select MUSIC.

Influences & Inspiration

Def Leppard, Boston, Megadeth, Bad Co., ZZ Top

Setup Requirements

2 hours take down time

20 amps 120V for lighting

20 amps 120V for PA (all common ground)

20 amps 120V for Video wall

5 hours set up time

Stage - 20ft x 12ft x 8' stage to ceiling clearance


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