Dueling Duo

Why book Dueling Duo?

Looking for a laugh out loud good time in a club, wedding or company party?? The 'Dueling Duo' dueling pianos show is a great choice. Andy Gibson and Ryno make a great pair and can do almost any request you throw at them. To top it off they have an amazing fiddle and saxophone player that comes with! Great harmonies, good friends, good times!




Very Impressed

We really enjoyed the show. It was fun to see the way these two worked off each other. I laughted so hard my cheeks ached at the end of the night. I will go to see them again and bring more friends along.

Reviewer: Carme R.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Cheyenne, WY
Event Date: Apr 7, 2012

A really great time!

Great mix of rock, country, blues, rap and anything else you can think of. Great time guarenteed for everyone. Not too loud! Just the perfect mix of rythem and lryics. Niiice!

Reviewer: Steven A.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Fargo, ND
Event Date: Mar 29, 2012

Awesome talent and entertainment!!

The Dueling Duo played for our wedding and it was so much fun. We loved how they kept everyone involved, even the people who were not interested in dancing. Everyone got to hear their favorite songs and there were lots of laughs among the crowd. I think there were even people at our wedding who were ready to book these guys for future events. By far one of the best choices we made about our wedding reception was hiring them, even sight unseen. Comparatively to the cost of having a DJ at our wedding, the small price difference wasn't even a close equivalent to how much better they were than a DJ. They even learned all our first songs, which was so special having them sing them instead of listening to a recording. I could not say enough good things about them!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Molly B.
Event: Wedding Reception in Bloomington, MN
Event Date: Dec 10, 2011
Hired As: Dueling Pianos

These guys are amazing

I asked the Dueling Duo to play at my wedding reception without ever seeing them perform in person. Not only did they exceed my expectations...they were simply amazing. These guys are extremely talented and just as funny. The Duo didn't just play a routine...they added personal touches throughout the event and encouraged people to submit requests. They kept everyone engaged and made everybody laugh throughout the entire night. And since the night of the event, everybody has been saying how much fun they had.

If you can't tell, I'm a huge fan of the Dueling Duo. They're talented, good people, and I would recommend them to perform at any event.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Bryce G.
Event: Wedding Reception in Fargo, ND
Event Date: Oct 7, 2011
Hired As: Dueling Pianos

Great Talented and Very Entertaining!

The Dueling Duo were great to work with for our large event! They have amazing voices, hilarious choreography, talented piano playing and great chemistry! Would love to work with them again!.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Amy W.
Organization: Make A Wish
Event: Fundraiser in Kearney, NE
Event Date: Aug 25, 2011
Hired As: Dueling Pianos

Review by Janet F.

Great working with Andy and Ryan! Very professional and put on a fun & entertaining show. I highly recommend them for any event you are planning!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Janet F.
Organization: Argosy Casino Sioux City
Event: Casino in Sioux City, IA
Event Date: Feb 26, 2011
Hired As: Dueling Pianos

Review by L B.

Dueling Duo was hilarious! I was amazed that they were able to take requests throughout the entire show, the requests spanning about 50 years of music and from several genre's, without getting stumped-much:) I think there were only 2 songs they couldn't do, and maybe 1 or 2 that they at least sang a couple lines from. Their chemistry was amazing, they seemed to really have a great time. Dan Witte was also playing fiddle (and some sax) and did a really amazing job. They were having a great time on stage, that was obvious, and in turn we all had a great time! I would definetely recommend seeing their show and would love to see them again!

Reviewer: L B.
Event: Casino in Watertown, SD
Event Date: Feb 17, 2011

Response from Dueling Duo:

Thank you! We had a blast playing the show for you!

Review by Laurriee B.

I hired Dueling Duo's for the Corn Palace Festival and several other venues and events over the last 6 months and they have more than brought the laughter and the fun to every event. Crowd pleasing, hilarious, entertaining and such great guys! I'd hire them again anytime for anywhere - Andy and Ryno bring it to every show..thanks guys!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Laurriee B.
Organization: KAOTIC Entertainment
Event: Festival in Mitchell, SD
Event Date: Aug 26, 2010
Hired As: Dueling Pianos

Review by Jenni T.

We had the Dueling Duo preform for us at a Staff Outing at a hotel in July. They interacted with the crowed, and kept us entertained all night! Everyone loved them so much, we have already booked them again to do our Christmas Party. Strongly recommend the Dueling Duo!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jenni T.
Organization: Southeastern Behavioral HealthCare
Event: Corporate Event in Sioux Falls, SD
Event Date: Jul 28, 2010
Hired As: Dueling Pianos

Response from Dueling Duo:

Thanks so much Jenni! We are looking forward to the Christmas party too. You guys are a fun group!

Review by Sarah T.

Andy and Ryno kept my customers entertained until close! The duo was an instant hit in our establishment! Our customers not only enjoyed the high quality musical performance, but also were kept laughing all night. Andy and Ryno have exceptional comedic chemistry! I would recommend hiring the duo for any event or for something fun for a bar/lounge! I made sure to book them for repeat performances and every seat in the establishment has been full every time!!!!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Sarah T.
Organization: Shenanigans Pub
Event: Bar/Lounge in Tea, SD
Event Date: Jan 8, 2010
Hired As: Dueling Pianos, Comedy Improv Show, Comedy Show, Country Singer, Pianist

Response from Dueling Duo:

Sarah you are even better to work with! Thank you.

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: $1500 weekday 2500 weekend travel
  • Languages: English


Every show is custom made. Ryno and Andy have no idea what is going to happen when they do every show. the songs are picked out by the crowd. You can expect to hear your favorite songs because you will be choosing them! Depending on where these guys are playing depends on how raunchy they will get. If its your birthday or just your special day, you may find yourself in front of the piano - while Ryno is making up a song for you!

Past Booked Events

01/12/13 Aberdeen, SD
12/15/12 Pierre, SD
12/14/12 MObridge, SD
12/08/12 Sioux City IA
12/07/12 Kearney, NE
11/30/12 Watertown, SD
11/24/12 Prior Lake, MN
11/16/12 Kearney, NE
10/27/12 Boyd, MN
10/12/12 Watertown, SD
10/11/12 Iowa CIty, IA
10/03/12 Pierre, SD
09/15/12 New England, ND
09/07/12 Kearney, NE
09/01/12 Lake Poinsett, SD
09/01/12 Sioux City, IA
08/31/12 Lake Cochraine, SD
08/25/12 Okoboji, IA
08/24/12 Okoboji, IA
08/18/12 Pierre, SD
08/16/12 Fairmont, MN
08/11/12 Freeman, SD
08/09/12 Sioux Falls, SD
08/08/12 Sturgis, SD
08/07/12 Sturgis, SD
08/06/12 Sturgis, SD
08/05/12 Sturgis, SD
08/04/12 Burke, SD
08/03/12 Sioux Falls, SD
08/02/12 Isabel, SD
07/28/12 Arlington, SD
07/22/12 Hartington, NE
07/21/12 Colton, SD
07/20/12 Okoboji, IA
07/13/12 Madison, SD
07/07/12 St, Lawrence, SD
07/06/12 Orient, SD
07/05/12 Pierpont, SD
07/04/12 Lake Poinsett, SD
07/03/12 Lake Poinsett, SD
07/03/12 Lake Norden, SD
06/23/12 Madison, SD
06/16/12 Tea, SD
06/09/12 Frankfort, SD
06/08/12 Milbank, SD
05/27/12 Lake Poinsett, SD
05/26/12 Lake Poinsett, SD
05/19/12 Grand Forks, ND
05/18/12 Grand Forks, ND
05/17/12 Madison, SD
05/12/12 Sioux City, IA
05/11/12 Kearney, NE
05/05/12 Calloway, NE
04/28/12 Burke, SD
04/21/12 Pierre, SD
04/20/12 Orient, SD
04/14/12 Omaha, NE
04/13/12 Worthing, SD
04/12/12 Madison, SD
04/07/12 Lennox, SD
04/06/12 Fergus Falls, MN
03/31/12 Lake Cochraine, SD
03/30/12 Bismarck, ND
03/24/12 Hudson, SD
03/23/12 Huron, SD
03/17/12 Sioux Falls, SD
03/17/12 Langden, ND
03/16/12 Pipestone, SD
03/15/12 Madison, SD
03/10/12 Desmet, SD
03/09/12 Aberdeen, SD
03/08/12 Watertown, SD
03/03/12 Hendricks, MN
03/02/12 Brandon, SD

Dueling Duo

This dueling pianos show is made up of two guys...Andy Gibson and Ryno. Ryno's music repertoire is unbelievable, he is very hard to stump with your requests. He is known for playing around the midwest as the front man of Eclipse.Ryno is known to get a little crazy on stage, and you never know what is going to happen! Watch out for his amazing, high flying acrobatics too!

Andy Gibson has released several country singles to radio, including his very successful single 'Feel Good'. His incredible vocals, and harmonies are almost angelic!

Dan Witte who plays fiddle and saxophone in the duo, has been touring the Midwest for decades. He's even in the Nebraska and Iowa hall of fame!

The team providing the talent:


Piano, Singer, Guitar, Crooner! Ladies Man, Funny MAN!

Andy Gibson

Pretty Boy, Piano guy, singer person, harmony singer, guitar

Dan Witte

Fiddle, Saxophone, Vocals

Set List

Thousands of songs!

Setup Requirements

We will bring all sound and lights, stage must be provided