Cris Johnson's Magic, Motivation & Hypnosis!

Why book Cris Johnson's Magic, Motivation & Hypnosis!?

STOP!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO ASK YOUR ENTERTAINER OR SPEAKER? After working with clients such as General Motors, United Airlines, Corning, Inc, The Home-Depot, Bank of America, Foot Locker and many others over 15 years, Certified Hypnotist/Mind Reader Cris Johnson has come up with 8 CRITICAL questions you MUST know the answers to before you hire ANY entertainer. Keep reading to find out EXACTLY what you must know before hiring your entertainer or speaker...




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 30000 minutes
  • Fee: From $450


Audiences can be guaranteed of one thing during Cris Johnson's shows: FUN! Because Cris offers so many services, we'll touch upon the highlights of several of his different shows...

During Cris' COMEDY STAGE HYPNOSIS SHOW, audiences will watch as volunteers:

- experience a fun trip to the Bahamas
- drive the sportscar of their dreams
- meet Hollywood celebrities
- and much more!

During Cris' MIND READING ILLUSION SHOW, audience will witness:

- Cris having audience members blindfold him with duct tape, and then gasp in amazment as Cris accurately describes drawings that audience members make!

- Cris successfully catching a SIGNED paintball as it is fired out of a paintball gun by an audience member! (By the way...Cris catches the paintball in his TEETH!)

- Cris' hilarious "mind reading raccoon," Mr. Bigglesworth as it pulls thoughts from audience members' minds!

- two audience members send thoughts back and forth to each other! (No, nothing is "set up" in advance!)

During Cris' STROLLING or CLOSE-UP MAGIC, audience will witness:

- solid steel forks and spoons bending like hot volunteers' hands!
- objects floating in the air!
- the time to change on a voluteers' watch!
- and much more!

During Cris' MOTIVATIONAL / EDUCATION PROGRAMS, Cris will use magic, mind reading illusions and group interaction to help convey his messages. He currently offers programs on STRESS MANAGEMENT, HUMOR IN THE WORKPLACE, TEAM-BUILDING and many more.

Cris Johnson's Magic, Motivation & Hypnosis!

"Cris Johnson began his love of magic at the tender age of 8..."

NONE of this matters! Keep reading to learn 8 CRITICAL questions you need to ask before hiring any entertainer...


Although Cris has never had any kind of "incident" during his 15+ years of performing, he is fully insured because many clients simply want the piece of mind. He is also a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Stress Consultant through the International Hypnosis Association, which means he has the proper training to guarantee your group a safe, enjoyable event.

IMPORTANT TIP: Beware of ANY hypnotist who has pictures of hypnotised subjects balanced with their head and feet on the backs of two chairs, with their bodies unsupported. This is EXTREMELY dangerous.


Is your entertainer going to do something inappropriate or use off-color language? You simply can NOT afford to risk it. Because Cris Johnson has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, United Airlines, Bank of America, Footlocker and many others, his programs are 100% clean. If anyone leaves the program unhappy or offended, you get it FREE, and in 15 years, no one has taken him up on it!


So many entertainers want special lighting, a bowl of green M&Ms...What garbage! Cris guarantees he'll be the easiest performer you EVER work with. He can adapt to any performing situation and is committed to making YOUR event a success!


Many entertainers only offer one act and nothing else. As you know, no one act can be all things to all people! Therefore, Cris offers entertainment programs and programs with educational content, as well as customization.

---- Entertainment Programs - MAGIC & MIND READING PROGRAMS ----

Most magic or mind reading shows are a series of disjointed tricks or routines. There's no story, and the performer is usually just showing off. Cris Johnson has designed several different shows with an actual plot to them! They're interactive, amazing, fun, and are designed to get your guests into the story! Choose from "MURDER BY MAGIC" (a magic-filled murder mystery), "THE WORLD'S WORST SELF-HELP EXPERT" (A self-help spoof) or "POWERS OF THE MIND!" (A blend of mindreading and comedy). Contact Cris for program details and customization options.

---- Entertainment Programs - STAGE HYPNOSIS SHOWS ----

Cris also offers Stage Hypnosis programs which are perfect for event planners wanting interactive entertainment. Cris calls for volunteers and relaxes them into a hypnotic trance... from there, they will have their surroundings changed, given new personalties and a lot more. It's fun and, unlike other hypnotists, he NEVER embarrasses "clucking like chickens" here! Just good clean fun that will make you look GREAT!


Cris also offers programs with educational content. Some of his current topics include:

HUMOR IN THE WORK PLACE - a light-hearted approach to the idea of creating a fun work environment. Cris will cover 3 myths of humor in the workplace, steps to creating a fun atmosphere at work and the Top Ten benefits of humor in the workplace.

$UCCESS MAGIC! - This program covers Cris' "7 Step Success Formula" in which he reveals simple time management tips, ways to achieve your goals and much more.

STRESS MANAGEMENT - Learn the causes of stress, the consequences of not reducing stress and find out some simple ways to manage your stress.


This type of entertainment is perfect for ANY event. Cris entertains groups of people by amazing them with magic and mind reading inches from their eyes, with much of the amazement happening in their own hands! Steel forks will bend on its own, the time will change on watches, money will change denominations, objects will float in the air and more!


Is your entertainer going to make your guests do silly things or is this person going to direct mean-spirited humor at them? Cris has found this happens with a lot of comedians and other hypnotists. Who wants to be embarrassed in front of their friends or co-workers? No one! During Cris' programs, he GUARANTEES that no one will be embarrassed - EVER. In fact, during his programs, your guests will actually be empowered, and made to be the STARS of the show, which leads to...


Too many magicians and other entertainers only want to show off. "Look at me! I'm fooling you with my silly tricks!" How boring!

During Cris' mind reading programs, YOUR GUESTS will apparently display incredible mind reading abilities.

During Cris' comedy stage hypnosis programs, they will travel on imaginary vacations, see hilarious movies, get the sports car of their dreams and much more.

What makes this so incredible is the fact that after the program, your guests will be saying, "I have no idea how I did that...but it was FUN!" People will talk about it for years!


Let's be honest. Here at Gig Salad, you have access to a LOT of entertainment options. Your event is FAR too important to judge a potential entertainer by a quick couple of paragraphs.

Before hiring anyone, ask the entertainer to send you a full information package AND testimonial book. Most entertainers won't have such a package. Cross them off your list! Experienced entertainers will provide you with a complete information package about their services and include a bound book full of letters from other clients raving about their show, how clean they were, and how easy it was to work with them.

The rare performer will also provide you with an audio CD of clients talking about the performer so you can hear the words straight from the clients' mouths...and KNOW that the comments were not "made up."

SPECIAL TIP: Dedicated, experienced entertainers, those with a MINIMUM of 8-10 years' experience, will also supply you with event planning articles, check lists and even complete workbooks. The rare professional who offers these kinds of tools understands the details of what makes a special event like yours a smooth, trouble-free success. Taking your chances with anyone else is too risky.


Does your entertainer fully guarantee his/her programs? If for ANY reason, you're not satisfied, Cris will tear up your check on the spot and you'll get his program FREE...and what's more, he's so SURE your group will LOVE his programs that he will give your company $250 if they don't!! (Not to worry, though, in 15 years, no one has ever taken him up on it.)


"Cris was awesome and held the attention of everybody for almost 2 hours. We had great feedback from our staff and would love to have him again!"

– Janel Goddard

"If I had to choose one word to describe our evening with Cris Johnson it would be "Fantastic" Here it is Monday, two days later and I have heard many of our staff talking about how much they enjoyed themselves. When Cris arrived he was surprised to hear that I had kept his performance secret. He stated that it would have been better to tell everyone prior so that they would not be so apprehensive about being hypnotized. He was so professional about the way he described to everyone what would be taking place, it put everyone at ease and we immediately got the volunteers we needed. His show was so entertaining and there was no embarrassing moments, just a lot of laughs. I would recommend an evening with Cris to everyone, and would have him perform again in a heart beat. Many thanks to Cris Johnson for "making" our evening!"

– Peters Smith

“We were a little nervous about the show. Unsure what to expect. The show ended up exceeding our expectations. Cris was very professional. He did a very clean and non-offensive show. It was fun for everyone including those hypnotized. We are looking forward to another show.”

– Angela Miller

"Cris Johnson deserves top scores for his recent engagement as part of the “Summer Magic” event held at Westminster Village. The entire process [from resume presentation, e-mail response, booking, event logistics, props, stage presence and performance content] was handled in a professional and timely manner. Cris tailored each of three performances to fit the variations in audience demographics. He presented an extremely audience friendly and entertaining show. Cris worked hard to determine the specific atmosphere desired for the event and tailored his program to meet the various needs of the day long event. I would not hesitate to recommend Cris Johnson as a high quality entertainer."

– Jan Cockrell

"We contacted Cris two months before our conference was to take place. We knew that we would have about 300 people from all around the world. We also knew that we needed to have a "fun element" in our two day finance conference, but that was all that we had. About a month before the conference, Cris provided a 15 minute skit to management, met with the design team, we provided him a brief back ground on what the audience would consist of and he left. That evening we had an e-mail providing us with three options that he felt would work. Interestingly enough, he also suggested the middle priced option as the one he felt would work best. He was right, his suggestions were amazing. He even helped us to understand our own global audience, knowing what may cause concerns with different religions and cultures. For a group of 300 accountants, we had a wonderful time. He had a surprise entrance at the beginning of the day with a 15 minute skit, offered 1:1 magic throughout the day, and ended with a magnificent 60 minute skit that concluded our conference. It was everything that we could have hoped it would be. A special thank you and the highest of recommendations."

– Krissy Nickerson

Setup Requirements

For audiences of over 100 people, a riser is recommended for visibility.