Blue Moon Swamp

Why book Blue Moon Swamp?

Blue Moon Swamp is THE choice for a tribute to John Fogerty & Creedence Clearwater Revival. Blue Moon Swamp travels all over the country stunning audiences with their authentic re-creation of the life and legacy of John Fogerty & CCR.

McGuinness' remarkable ability to perform the songs as John Fogerty makes the show energetic, powerful and believable.





Blue Moon Swamp Outstanding at M Resort Show

We attended the show at M Resort in Nevada November 16 and BMS with Dan McGuinness rocked the house. Audience started cheering as soon as the opening song started. This is a true tribute to John Fogerty and the CCR music. I've seen a Fogerty/CCR concert and this band is true to all the music and Dan McGuinness has the voice and movements of John Fogerty totally. The songs they played brought back so many memories, but there were some fresh new feelings too. The show list included all the biggest hits, plus extras. "Who'll Stop the Rain", "Lodi", "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?", "Bad Moon Risin'", "Fortunate Son", "Down on the Corner", "Doo,Doo,Doo (Lookin' Out My Back Door)", "Born on the Bayou", and a goose-bump, tear-jerking version of "Deja Vu". They played a full concert, with people dancing, clapping, and singing along. At the end, when people were cheering and didn't want it to end, they played a number of encores, including "Proud Mary". They did a 9 minute version of "Susie Q", as on the original album. We would travel to see them and know they have fans all over the country. Can't wait to see where they will be next. M Resort was also a great place to stay. Nice people everywhere, from front desk to restaurants to shuttle drivers. Hope to see BMS again soon.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Danna W.
Event: Concert Venue in Henderson, NV
Event Date: Nov 16, 2013
Hired As: Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute

At The M in Las Vegas

My wife and I attended their concert last night (November 16, 2013). I have been a fan of CCR since my Air Force days in the late 60's. The concert was held in what could be best described as a large Quonset hut. The acoustics were terrible, so the bands sound was not what it should have been. This is the first time we heard BMS. The group concentrated mostly on the "country" side of CCR and pretty much ignored the "rock n roll" side. They skipped most of CCR's top songs and did a half hearted effort on Susie Q, in fact, they didn't even finish it, just stopped. Strange I thought. Many people left the showroom before they finished. Please guys, dump the country and stick with the rock.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Robert S.
Event: Casino in Las Vegas, NV
Event Date: Nov 16, 2013
Hired As: Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute

Review by Mark R.

I played in front of these guys and i had the opportunity to watch their show and hang out with them afterwards. I thought they did a great job of engaging the audience and doing honor to the origianl CCR!

Reviewer: Mark R.
Event: Festival in Kingsville, TX
Event Date: Jul 24, 2010

Review by Josephine G. J.

My husband and I attended the Lebowski Fest held at the Portage Theater on the North side of Chicago and it was like a big party - good music, dancing and a whole bunch of fun. The previous year I attended the Lebowski fest with with several friends and we had a blast! Blue Moon Swamp is a great band and Dan has a great voice, along with his band-mates -they're great! I've also been to Brazil, IN and twice when they played at the Harley event in St. Louis. The guys are friendly and great musicians... love em!

Reviewer: Josephine G. J.
Event: Concert Venue in Chicago, IL
Event Date: Sep 11, 2010

Review by Evelym B.

These guys are awesome!!! If you are an event planner you can't go wrong in hiring this group. They will make you a star in your organization. They never fail to deliver a rockin' performance and the crowd loves them.
If you are looking for entertainment that the community will be talking about long after it is over...this is the group. Easy to work with and very interactive with audience. You can't go wrong. 5 stars for sure!!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Evelym B.
Organization: Popcorn Festival of Clay County
Event: Festival in Brazil, IN
Event Date: Oct 2, 2010
Hired As: Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute

Review by Deborah R.

Blue Moon Swamp performed for an audience of 12,000 people and rocked the park! Despite some challenging circumstances (heat, technical difficulties) they never lost their composure and put on an incredible, high energy show. Their sound is awesome and they are great people to work with. Highly recommend!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Deborah R.
Organization: Operation Support our Troops
Event: Fundraiser in Wheaton, IL
Event Date: Jul 17, 2010
Hired As: Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute

Review by Fran N.

As a long time fan of CCR/John Fogerty and one who has followed John Fogerty performances around the world, I have too much to say about too many BMS performances to single out a gig, thus this a generalized review. I've followed BMS for years, and whether it be the Clay Co. Festival, New Year's the Liberty in Ft.Scott,Ks., or a gig booked for a promo event such as the Harley Davidson dealership in St.Peters, Mo. to name just a few, BMS continues to perform the timeless classic CCR/John Fogerty tunes in the authentic spirit and sound that gives them the CREDENCE that they deserve. I've seen and heard those tunes performed by others through the years and in my opinion, none compares to BMS. Note per note, the instrumentals, and the awesome vocals of Dan McGuinness will delight you and leave you wanting more and more. BMS is booking all around the country as their popularity grows, so check out their tour link and watch for them near your area. If they're not performing near you, it's worth the time and effort to travel to see them. It's hard to put an experience into words, so hopefully you'll experience it for yourself!

Reviewer: Fran N.
Event: Concert Venue in Brazil, IN
Event Date: Oct 2, 2010

Review by Dave T.

LOVED the show, love the Creedence music. Blue Moon Swamp are by far the best tribute group for the CCR music. Hope to see them again - thanks for coming to our town.

Reviewer: Dave T.
Event: Casino in Grantville, PA
Event Date: Oct 30, 2010

Review by gregory g.

this band played before a sox vs. cubs game at sox park. excellent. had the crowd singing and clapping. lead singer has a wonderful voice. would highly recommend if you love that type of music

Reviewer: gregory g.
Event: Private Party in Chicago, IL
Event Date: Jun 26, 2010

Review by Donna S.

Blue Moon swamp is awesome! My husband and I saw them perform for the first time tonight and they rocked!!! Would definitely go hear them again. Keep up the great work guys. We almost thought John Fogerty and his band CCR were there. Had a great night of entertainment. Thank you.

Reviewer: Donna S.
Event: Festival in Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Event Date: Jun 4, 2010

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English, Spanish


Whether you're a fan of the music of John Fogerty or CCR or not, you know the music, period. Either through TV, Radio or Films, these songs have been around over 40 years.

People can expect and experience a high-energy, highly respectable portrayal of the John Fogerty/CCR experience by four of Chicago's top musicians. We not only perform the hits, but we cover other key songs that may or may not have reached Billboard Top-40 status.

We tap into each band members musical talent and express it throughout the 90 minute concert performance. If the particular song being performed needs a harmonica solo, we use the harmonica. (Just as an example). We do what John Fogerty and Creedence do, which is play awesome, timeless songs the right way.

Too many tribute bands, (I.E. other CCR tributes, as few as there are in the US, and even fewer that do it right), we respect the song and the history of that song's version, and give the audience a 100% effort in re-creating that song, LIVE. It's as simple as that.

The versions of the songs are the versions you, the audience member, know the best - not the versions bands make up themselves. We play the signature guitar riffs, the hooks & we re-create the driving rhythm section that made CCR so popular.

We tap into the heart and soul of the song. Anyone can play a guitar solo, but not every guitar player can play the solo the right way. We do just that.

We feel there is no comparison when it comes to this type of tribute.

Additional Booking Notes

For technical, artist rider information, stage plots, booking information, travel inquiries, etc ... please feel free to contact us. You can email us right through our website and someone will get back to you very quickly.

Past Booked Events

10/07/12 Clay County Popcorn Festival - Brazil, IN - 3pm
09/01/12 Casey Popcorn Festival - Casey, IL - 8pm
08/25/12 Bottoms Up Bike Rally & Run - Marmarth, ND
08/24/12 Bottoms Up Bike Rally & Run - Marmarth, ND
08/08/12 The Ponderosa - Hulett, WY
08/07/12 The Ponderosa - Hulett, WY
08/06/12 The Ponderosa - Hulett, WY
08/05/12 Easyriders Saloon - Sturgis, SD (72nd Annual Sturgis Bike Rally)
08/04/12 Easyriders Saloon - Sturgis, SD (72nd Annual Sturgis Bike Rally)
08/03/12 Easyriders Saloon - Sturgis, SD (72nd Annual Sturgis Bike Rally)
07/21/12 Kewaunee County Fair - Luxemburg, WI
07/20/12 Porterfield Cruisin' Oldies Festival - Marinette, WI
07/14/12 Itasca Fest - Itasca, IL - 6pm
07/13/12 West Chicago Railroad Days - West Chicago, IL
06/28/12 Summer Festival - Oglesby, IL
06/22/12 Lebowski Fest (Cathedral Square Park) - Milwaukee, WI - 7pm
06/16/12 Private Show - Hemet, CA - 7pm
06/14/12 Stargazers Theatre - Colorado Springs, CO - 7pm
06/09/12 Oneida Family Fun Days - Oneida, WI - 8pm
06/08/12 Forest Park Summerfest - Forest Park, IL - 5:30pm
05/19/12 Little River Days Festival - Hopkinsville, KY
03/03/12 North Star Mohican Casino - Bowler, WI
02/21/12 115 Bourbon Street "Fat Tuesday" - Merrionette Park, IL
01/29/12 Private Show - The Seville - Streamwood, IL
01/14/12 Company Theatre - Norwell, MA
11/09/11 House of Blues Foundation Room - Las Vegas, NV
09/24/11 Camarillo Art & Jazz Festival - Camarillo, CA - 6pm
09/09/11 Chili-Mania - Edgerton, WI
09/05/11 Naperville Last Fling - Naperville, IL
09/04/11 Casey Popcorn Festival - Casey, IL
08/27/11 Bottoms Up Bike Rally - Bowman, N.D.
08/26/11 Bottoms Up Bike Rally - Bowman, N.D.
08/10/11 Easyriders Saloon - Sturgis, S.D. (71st Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally) 1pm
08/09/11 Easyriders Saloon - Sturgis, S.D. (71st Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally) 1pm
08/08/11 Easyriders Saloon - Sturgis, S.D. (71st Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally)
07/29/11 Cubby Bear North - Lincolnshire, IL
07/23/11 River Rock @ The AMP - Warren, OH
07/10/11 Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI - Miller Lite Oasis Stage
07/02/11 Hollywood Casino @ Penn Nat'l - Grantville, PA
06/25/11 Private Show - Naperville, IL
06/11/11 ABATE of N.D. State Bike Rally - Menoken, N.D.
06/10/11 ABATE of N.D. State Bike Rally - Menoken, N.D.
05/27/11 Neumeier's Rib Room - Fort Smith, AR
04/02/11 Cubby Bear North - Lincolnshire, IL
03/26/11 Private Show - Arlington, VA
03/08/11 115 Bourbon Street - Merrionette Park, IL "Fat Tuesday"
03/05/11 North Star Mohican Casino - Bowler, WI
12/31/10 Liberty Theatre - Fort Scott, Kansas
11/06/10 Judd Kendall VFW Post - Naperville, IL
10/30/10 Hollywood Casino - Grantville, PA
10/08/10 Sunshine Music Festival - Hattiesburg, AR
10/02/10 Clay County Popcorn Festival - Brazil, IN @ 7:30pm
09/25/10 Camarillo Art & Jazz Festival - Camarillo, CA
09/17/10 The Historic Portage Theater - Lebowski Fest - Chicago, IL
09/11/10 St. Charles Harley Davidson "Dyno Drags" - St. Charles, MO - 1pm
08/19/10 The Great Indiana State Fair - Indianapolis, IN (5pm)
08/15/10 Seminole Hard Rock Casino - Coconut Creek, FL
08/14/10 Seminole Hard Rock Casino - Coconut Creek, FL
08/07/10 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (Aug 7 - Aug 13) / Hulett, Wyoming
07/31/10 St. Charles Harley Davidson "Dyno Drags" - St. Charles, MO - 6pm
07/17/10 Rockin' For The Troops Concert @ Cantigny Park - Wheaton, IL - 4pm
07/15/10 Boone County Fair - Boone, IA
07/03/10 Summerfest (Miller Oasis Stage) - Milwaukee, WI - 12pm
06/12/10 ABATE of North Dakota State Rally - Menoken, N.D. - 7pm
06/11/10 ABATE of North Dakota State Rally - Menoken, N.D. - 7pm
06/04/10 Rockin' on the River Festival - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
05/19/10 US CELLULAR FIELD - Chicago, IL - 5pm
05/08/10 Train Days of Kingsville / Kingsville, Texas
04/30/10 Durty Nellies - Palatine, IL
04/16/10 O'Leary's Pub - Midlothian, IL (14650 Waverly Ave)
02/18/10 Durty Nellies - Palatine, IL
02/16/10 115 Bourbon Street (Fat Tuesday) - 3358 W. 115th Street - Merrionette Park, IL 6-8pm
02/09/10 Private
01/22/10 O'Leary's Pub - Midlothian, IL
10/30/09 Private Show / Orland Park, IL
10/03/09 Clay County Popcorn Festival / Brazil, IN

Blue Moon Swamp

" To call Dan McGuinness a singer, is an understatement!"

" John Fogerty would be proud to hear Dan McGuinness sing his songs " - Evelyn Brown (President of the Clay County Popcorn Festival)

" Blue Moon Swamp certainly has the music nailed! " - The Company Theatre (Norwell, MA)

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and that's what Blue Moon Swamp is all about. Reproducing the concert experience of an American treasure like John Fogerty is something we take seriously.

Moving seamlessly from songs like 1968's classic "Susie Q" to mid-eighties hit "Centerfield" and brand new music from the much celebrated 2007 release "Revival", Blue Moon Swamp has stunned audiences from coast to coast. It's a lifetime of unforgettable hits in a single night performance.

Led by the amazing vocals of award-winning performer Dan McGuinness, Blue Moon Swamp treats audiences to a powerful, authentic musical journey through, arguably, some of the best American rock & roll ever recorded. McGuinness' remarkable ability to take the best of John Fogerty and make it his own adds incredible depth and richness to the concert experience, making Blue Moon Swamp a dynamic and visually entertaining live event for all audience types.

As a singer, McGuinness has opened up for, sat in or performed with various bands through the years including Pat Benetar, Jerry Jeff Walker, Johnny Hickman of Cracker, Danny Rhodes & The Messengers, Paula Nelson Band, Peter White, Mindi Abair, Bobby Caldwell among others & most notably with Stu Cook & Doug "Cosmo" Clifford of the legendary touring group, Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

From corporate conventions to colleges and clubs, Blue Moon Swamp offers a variety of live/multimedia options to complement your event needs. We look forward to the opportunity of providing you with an unforgettable night of musical entertainment.

Simply put, Blue Moon Swamp is the finest John Fogerty/Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute anywhere!

You will NOT be disappointed!

The team providing the talent:

Dan McGuinness

Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Pat Keiner

Lead & Rhythm Guitars / Harmonica / Pedal Steel / Mandolin / Dobro

Joe Kunkel

Drums / Percussion

Mike McKeehan

Bass / Backing Vocals


" We've had Blue Moon Swamp here for four years now, they've never disappointed the crowd. They played this evening through rain and 51 degree weather and every last participant sat there to listen to this great group. They're easy to get along with, they're personable and they interact with the crowd ... you just can't ask for a better act, than Blue Moon Swamp.

John Fogerty would be proud to listen to Dan McGuinness sing his songs "

(Oct. 3rd, 2009)
-- Evelyn Brown, President of the Popcorn Festival of Clay County Indiana.

– Clay County Popcorn Festival

Set List

Note: Set lists vary from show to show. These can be used as examples of set lists...

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
Blue Moon Swamp LIVE @ SUMMERFEST - Milwaukee, WI
Miller Lite Oasis Stage

1) Born on the Bayou
2) Hot Rod Heart
3) Down on the Corner
4) Who'll Stop the Rain
5) Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
6) I Heard It Through The Grapevine
7) Hey Tonight
8) Centerfield
9) Long As I Can See The Light
10) Lodi
11) Travelin’ Band
12) Susie Q
13) The Old Man Down The Road
14) Before You Accuse Me
15) Deja Vu (All Over Again) / Sail Away
16) Wrote A Song For Everyone
17) Back Home Again
18) Green River
19) Blue Moon Nights
20) Jambalaya
21) The Midnight Special
22) Run Through the Jungle
23) Lookin' Out My Back Door
24) Bad Moon Rising
25) Proud Mary
26) Fortunate Son

Another LIVE show Set List example...

The Midnight Special
Run Through the Jungle
Hot Rod Heart
Who'll Stop the Rain
Green River
Blue Moon Nights
Born on the Bayou
Down on the Corner
Wrote A Song For Everyone
Deja Vu (All Over Again)
Back Home Again
Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
Travelin' Band
Susie Q
Before You Accuse Me
Ooby Dooby
Cotton Fields
It Came Out Of The Sky
Bad Moon Rising
The Old Man Down the Road
Proud Mary
Looking Out My Back Door
Fortunate Son

Influences & Inspiration

Early CCR bands: Tommy Fogerty & The Blue Velvets, Pre-Creedence as The Golliwogs, John Fogerty's solo country project - The Blue Ridge Rangers, Creedence Clearwater Revisited (Stu Cook & Doug ' Cosmo ' Clifford's current touring group) and John Fogerty's solo touring show.

Other influences include Elvis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Ricky Nelson, Howlin' Wolf, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Pop Staples, Fats Domino & more.

Setup Requirements

Available upon request...

Other (specified later)