President Barack Obama Impersonator Michael Bryant

Why book President Barack Obama Impersonator Michael Bryant?

Would President Obama be the last person you would expect to be present or deliver a presentation on your behave at your event? You can make it happen with a unique twist?

Liven up your next event by hiring President Obama Impersonator and Impressionist Michael Bryant to the delight of your attendees and honorees. It would truly be an unique entertainment experience that can go over very well in almost any venue regardless of one’s political affiliation.

If you are not sure what you would like an impersonator of the President Barack Obama to do the following are suggestions that may help you achieve your entertainment and event goals:




Michael is 10000% just like the President

Everything about Michael was perfect, his appearance, his professionalism, he was an exact replica of Barack. His look was flawless from the haircut to the graying hair, when he got dressed up I couldn't stop laughing how closely he resembled him, at a party of over 100 people EVERYONE was in awe, he gave a funny speech, sang Happy Birthday, posed for photos, it was amazing. This guy is the real deal don't even hesitate to book him, don't shop around, don't look around, he is priced right and gave a flawless performance!!!!! He is your guy don't even look for anyone else.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Brian R.
Event: Birthday Party in Laguna Hills, CA
Event Date: Mar 11, 2012
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator

Review by Shaun E.

We had an outstanding experience with Michael Bryant as President Barack Obama. His services were used two-fold. On July 13th he introduced the featured keynote speaker for our particular track (Microsoft Learning Solutions) at the 2010 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference held in Washington D.C. The following evening we brought him back to entertain the crowd at a party for many of Microsoft Learning Solutions’ valued partners from around the world.

Prior to the event we made allusions to a “special surprise guest” introducing our Keynote address but did not explicitly say we had a President Obama impersonator. With an audience of nearly 500 we expected laughter and applause when Michael took stage. However, after the lights dimmed and “Ladies and Gentlemen, the 44th President of the United States…Barack Obama” was announced, Michael took the stage to hesitant applause and stunned looks. Why? Because he’s that good. You can imagine that at a conference like this the audience is a sharp, educated bunch. However, you could feel the air in the room change as everybody struggled to decide “Is this really President Obama? It can’t be. Can it? It’s got to be an impersonator…but…is it?” They knew that the chances of President Obama showing up to introduce a Microsoft Executive for a Keynote address were pretty slim, but Michael’s stage presence and demeanor captivated them and created a suspension of disbelief that they had a difficult time shaking. It wasn’t until the guys that we brought in to be Secret Service agents started to ham it up a bit that the audience finally figured out what was really happening. When Michael launched into his opening statements and introduction he had the crowed eating from the palm of his hand. By the end, the audience was really into it and the response was phenomenal.

The following evening we brought Michael back for our Microsoft Learning Solutions “Party on the Potomac” at the Sequoia restaurant. He was the hit of the night. For the first half of the evening he made his way through the crowd glad-handing and playing up his role. The attendees loved it! For the second half of the night we had him stationed at a photo booth for our partners to get a souvenir photo taken. More than a thousand photos were snapped! Not bad considering there were only about 500 people at the party. Many wanted individual and group shots. Even considering Michael’s success at the Keynote speech the day before, the crowd participation and fascination was unexpected. Both domestic partners and those from overseas were absolutely delighted by Michael’s performance. And those of us organizing the event that had been in close contact with Michael through the planning stages were still virtually star struck watching him in action.

Logistically and professionally Michael was a joy to work with. Not only would I not hesitate to work with him again, I’d go out of my way to find an opportunity to employ his services as President Obama in the future.

Gaddis Events

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Shaun E.
Organization: Gaddis Events
Event: Corporate Event in Washington, DC
Event Date: Jul 14, 2010
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator

Review by Katlyn C.

"We hired Michael Bryant Barack-a-like as a Barack Obama impersonator for our annual corporate event of 500 people. He was very professional throughout the process, worked with our script and delivered company inside jokes spectacularly and with Obama's flair and cadence. Our audience loved him, and many of them didn't catch on that he wasn't the real president even after he left the stage!"

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Katlyn C.
Event: Corporate Event in Las Vegas, NV
Event Date: Nov 25, 2013
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator

Brack Obama Impersonator for a US Citizenship Party

My husband recently became an American citizen. At our celebration, as a surprise, I hired Michael Bryant to impersonate Barack Obama, to personally congratulate my husband, and to roast him on some cultural differences between America and his home country of Sweden. Everyone at the party thought Michael was fantastic, my husband was very surprised and moved by Michael's warmth and candor. It was a unique twist for all attendees at the party and the icing on the cake for my husband, who just reached a momentous and emotional milestone of becoming a citizen. Having Obama at a citizenship party is like the first dance at a wedding-- it's a must!! For us, this is truly a family story that is going to be told for years to come.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Terri S.
Event: Private Party in San Francisco, CA
Event Date: Mar 2, 2013
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator

Hire Michael! He is fantastic.

“Do not hesitate to hire Michael! He is extremely professional, responsive, flexible, and is dead on Obama impersonator. On top of all that, he is a great person. We hired Michael to entertain our 30 employees during our annual all hands meeting and he absolutely hit it out of the park. We worked together in a highly collaborative fashion to develop a monologue that produced lots of laughs as well as inspired the group. His delivery and appearance was perfect and he has great props including a presidential seal and lapel pins. I would recommend having two people act as Secret Service agents which only adds to the effect. His online videos and pictures do him some justice, but seeing him live exceeded all my expectations and when our group was rolling in laughter, I knew we had made the right decision to hire him! Thank you Michael!”

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Peter B.
Event: Corporate Event in Novato, CA
Event Date: Feb 7, 2013
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator

Wonderful Company Holiday Party with "Obama" !

My company hired Michael Bryant to do an "Obama"speech for our holiday party on 12/14/2012 and it was a great time! He was very flexible with the flight, hotel, and transportation plans that were set up. Michael gave many wonderful suggestions such as getting two people to play secret service men, playing "Hail to The Chief" upon entrance, and roasting several people in the crowd. Everyone had a blast! We really appreciate the time he took to tailor a speech that was funny, personable to our company, and inspiring at the same time. He was very nice in staying back and hanging out afterwards for more photo ops and conversations. We would highly recommend Michael Bryant's services to anyone who would like "Obama" to make an appearance.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Esther L.
Organization: Survey Analytics
Event: Corporate Event in Seattle, WA
Event Date: Dec 14, 2012
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator

Election Night Wow!

"President Obama" did an outstanding job performing at our Election Night Reception! Our guests were all truly impressed by his attention to detail and his witty jokes. Everyone in the room enjoyed themselves and it even added an additional WOW factor that it was Election Night!! Anyone who is interested in an Impersonator should contact the BEST in the BUSINESS - Michael Bryant.

Reviewer: Elena T.
Event: Corporate Event in Sonoma, CA
Event Date: Nov 6, 2012

Memorable addition to any party!

I stumbled upon Michael Bryant/aka Barackalike Mike by googling different entertainment options for my mother's 75th birthday party. The party was going to be mostly senior citizens and I was trying to come up with something to liven things up! I thought an appearance by the "President" would be fun, different and totally memorable, especially for this group of liberal Unitarians! I had never hired anyone "online" so was hesitant, but had read all the great reviews. Michael was very good in responding to all my emails and it was especially fun when I received a voicemail from him....his voice really resembles Obama's! Michael has a "Fact Finding Template" that assists in gathering information about your guest of honor, and it totally makes his appearance seem personal and tailored for the individual. He has all the right gestures, facial expressions and natural charisma that the President himself has. Basically he just seems like a really nice guy, as is his "personal assistant" Marion and the two spent a lot of time just chatting with all the guests and taking photos. He was a huge hit with the crowd, and the expression on my mom's face was great as she was trying to figure out who this special guest was! He is definately a fun and unique addition to any event!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Sheryl C.
Event: Birthday Party in Hayward, CA
Event Date: Mar 10, 2012
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator

Review by Kris A.

Michael Bryant was awesome! We had a great experience with him impersonating Mr. President-Barack Obama.
It was my husband’s 30th birthday and he didn’t really want to have any parties and stuff but I didn’t listen. I arranged a brunch with our family and friends at the Beach Chalet San Francisco and hired Michael Bryant to be our “special guest”. I made the introduction while everyone was seated and already eating. I had my husband stand up to prepare for a toast and told him that somebody would like to give him a special birthday speech. Nobody knows about our “special guest” so just imagine our guests’ faces when they saw Mr. President walk in to the restaurant. Everybody came frantic! They were cheering, clapping and I think some were just totally speechless! Michael looked, dressed, walked and talked so much like Mr. President that our grandparents thought he was the real Barack Obama! Michael prepared a personalized birthday speech and that made his appearance even more special! My husband was blown away-I think everybody was. Michael’s appearance was the highlight of the party and we had so much fun. I even thought we spent more time chatting & taking pictures with Michael than eating. The experience brought out the kid in us. People still can’t stop talking about it. We had a blast!
Overall, Michael Bryant is very professional and hiring him was just a breeze. He definitely guided me through the process. It was most the stress-free booking I have ever made and his service was totally worth it! He is super nice and can easily appeal to any walks of life and of any age. He was a sure hit!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Kris A.
Event: Birthday Party in San Francisco, CA
Event Date: Mar 20, 2011
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator, Look-Alike

Review by Lynne B. K.

I hired Michael Bryant for my mother's 80th birthday party. He was truly outstanding. The look on my mother's face when Mr. Bryant walked in was priceless! She thought Michael was President Obama. It took her a while before she realized Mr. Bryant was an impersonator. Michael created a script that included special anecdotes and stories about my mother that made the presontation personal as well as entertaining. During the weeks leading up to the event, Michael kept in touch and guided me through the process of hiring an impersonator. Since Michael was from out of town, I was hesitant to book his services. However, his professionalism and timely feedback eased my concerns. He arrived the day prior to the event to ensure he was familiar with the location and the room in which the event would be held. After his presentation, Michael mingled and took pictures with all of the guest. Everyone who attended the birthday party was impressed with his impersonation and his demeanor. I give Michael Bryant my highest recommendation and I would not hesitate to hire him in the future.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Lynne B. K.
Event: Birthday Party in Ontario, CA
Event Date: Nov 7, 2010
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator

Review by Tom C.

Michael did a great job. Looked the part, had the right physical gestures, dressed the part, and spoke with the right pitch and cadence as the real Barack. Michael showed up on time, gave tips on how to make the evening more special and make his entrance more jaw-dropping and peppered his remarks with tailor made jibes at some of my guests. He then stayed for over an hour mixing and mingling with my guests and having photos taken with him. My friends mention the party as unforgettable!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Tom C.
Event: Birthday Party in San Francisco, CA
Event Date: Apr 30, 2010
Hired As: Barack Obama Impersonator, Comedian, Look-Alike

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


• Construct and deliver a tailored script from information provided that will be enjoyed by those present.
• How about roasting key attendees regarding a number of things that come to mind i.e. their character, achievements or lack there of ?
• Acknowledge how wonderful someone or group is or has been by giving awards or special recognition.
• Engage your CEO and other executives in a mock interview or presentation.
• Introduce the keynote speaker or warm the crowd up with relevant information about your event theme and purpose.
• Entertain and woo prospective clients by having the President explain why what you are proposing makes more than sense.
• Have amusing things to say from information provided that can include current events i.e. how helpful and popular the Sequester is. (lol)
• Why you need or don’t need Obama Care in your life, right? (lol)
• Why the President has or the event organizers have the answers to your and the worlds problems in a humorous way.
• Emphasize, accentuate and or celebrate the reason for your banquet, event, meeting or conference.
• If you were concerned about the Government Shut Down, Debt Ceiling or falling over a Fiscal Cliff, wait until you hear about why my client’s plans will be a game changer.
• Birthday celebrations, graduations, promotions, CEO, executive and key employees can be funny.
• Perhaps you are interested in a meet and greet, or mix and mingle as well as take photos.
• Motivate the sales team.

Additional Booking Notes

A podium and PA system with the ability to play a Hail-to-the-Chief CD.

Past Booked Events

01/29/14 Birthday Gathering - The Grill on the Alley - The Fairmont Hotel - San Jose, CA
01/10/14 Birthday Party - Door Dash - Palo Alto, CA
12/31/13 Wedding Reception - New Years Eve - Private Residence - San Francisco, CA
12/11/13 An Un-Retirement Party - La Rinconada Country Club - Los Gatos, CA
11/25/13 Acesse 2013 Conference - The Bellagio - Las Vegas, NV
10/26/13 Retirement Party - Scott's Seafood Bar & Grill - Jack London Square - Oakland, CA
09/28/13 Retirement Party - Private Residence - Almaden Valley - San Jose, CA
06/22/13 A Grand Life Celebration - For a Prominent Attorney - Piedmont, CA
05/02/13 Western Self Storage Owners Conference - Westin Verasa Napa - Wine Country - Napa, CA
03/29/13 32nd Wedding Anniversary - San Francisco, CA
03/02/13 Citizenship Celebration - St. Francis Yacht Club - San Francisco, CA
02/18/13 Charlotte Metro Credit Union - President's Day - Staff Meeting Surprise Appearance - Charlotte, NC
02/09/13 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration - Mountiangate Country Club - Los Angeles, CA
02/07/13 Corporate Event - CMI - "All Hands Meeting" - Novato, CA
01/08/13 CEO Birthday Roast - Overland Advisors - South San Francisco, CA
12/14/12 Survey Analytics - Holiday Party & CEO Roast - The Rainer Club - Seattle, WA
12/08/12 422 Military Police Ball - Petroleum Club - Bakersfield, CA
11/06/12 Corporate Function - Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa - Wine Country - Sonoma, CA
10/27/12 70th Birthday Roast & Celebration - Burbank, CA
09/28/12 80th Birthday Celebration - Orinda Country Club - Orinda, CA
09/21/12 Pastor's - Church & Wedding Anniversary - Sacramento, CA
09/19/12 Corporate Function - Dreamforce Conference - Moscone Center - San Francisco, CA
08/25/12 End of the Summer Party - Bay Area FUN Active Group - Silicon Valley Athletic Club - San Jose
08/16/12 All Things Media - - Kimbal's Carnival - Oakland, CA
08/03/12 Every Life Foundation for Rare Disease Patients - Mock Signing of Ultra Fast Legislation - Corinthian Yacht Club - Tiburon, CA
07/17/12 Aerohive Corp - Corporate Function - Q2 Celebration - Silicon Valley - Sunnyvale, CA
06/25/12 Corporate Event - Roast for a Retiring Union Bank Executive - Omni Hotel - San Francisco, CA
05/20/12 Billboard Awards Private Party - MGM Grand Hotel - Las Vegas, NV
05/16/12 Private Party - Suncoast Hotel in Summerlin - Las Vegas, NV
05/06/12 Wedding Reception - Mountian Trails in Summerlin - Las Vegas, NV
04/02/12 Visit & Tour - Children's Hospital Research Institute - Oakland, CA
03/11/12 An Exclusive Birthday Celebration - Orange County - Laguna Hills, CA
03/10/12 75th Birthday Celebration - Starr King Unitarian Church - Hayward, CA
03/03/12 Bethel AME Church's - 160th Anniversary Celebration - Mark Hopkins Hotel - San Francisco, CA
02/25/12 50th Birthday Party - Oakland Hills, CA
02/23/12 - Article - Heads turn at Celebrity Impersonator Convention - Las Vegas, NV
02/20/12 Reel Awards - Red Carpet - Fremont St. - Las Vegas, NV
02/11/12 60th Birthday Party - Hercules, CA
02/05/12 Superbowl Party - Sacramento, CA
02/04/12 50th Birthday Celebration - 1300 on Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
01/07/12 Wedding Reception - Cliff House - San Francisco, CA
12/11/11 Sunset View Mortuary Christmas Party - Mira Vista Golf & Country Club - El Cerrito, CA
10/08/11 Retirement Party & Celebration - Just Dance Ballroom - Oakland, CA
09/25/11 ABC National News Correspondents - Going Away Party - Twin Peaks - San Francisco, CA
09/15/11 Bayview Hunters Point Foundation's 40th Aniversary Celebration - Delancy Street Town Hall - San Francisco, CA
08/27/11 Roast & Celebration - Silicon Valley CFO & Entrepreneur - St. Francis Yacht Club - San Francisco, CA
08/06/11 Surprise Birthday Appearance - Orinda, CA
07/23/11 Birthday Party - Stockton, CA
07/09/11 Private Party - Calabasas, CA
06/25/11 75th Birthday Celebration in Oakland, CA
06/16/11 Silicon Valley Business Expo - Club Auto Sport - San Jose, CA
05/28/11 Randrdezigns - Meeting of the Minds - Bay Point, CA
05/27/11 Department of Consumer Affairs - Surprise Birthday Visit - Sacramento, CA
05/25/11 U.S. Travel Association's International Pow Wow - Private Party - San Francisco, CA
05/21/11 The Charmettes - Red & White Ball - 56th Annual - The Flamingo Hotel - Las Vegas, NV
05/21/11 The Charmettes - Luncheon Banquet - Cancer Research - Howard University - The Flamingo Hotel - Las Vegas, NV
05/07/11 Graduation Celebration & Reception - Seattle, WA
05/01/11 Wedding Reception - Private - Napa, CA
04/23/11 Memorial Service - Sacramento, CA
04/14/11 Keller Williams Offices - Private Party - Cupertino, CA
04/13/11 Comedy Cooking - Tracy, CA
03/20/11 The Beach Chalet - 30th Birthday Celebration - San Francisco, CA
03/05/11 Vasco Resturant - 40th B-Day Celebration - Mill Valley, CA
03/04/11 The Sports Basement - B-Robin Networking - Sunnyvale, CA
03/01/11 - Article - Reel Awards hit Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV
02/26/11 Las Vegas Weekly Article - Robin Leach - Interview - Las Vegas, NV
02/24/11 Reel Awards - Red Carpet - Las Vegas, NV
02/17/11 San Jose Athletic Club - Event - San Jose, CA
01/01/11 Aria Resort & Casino - City Center - New Years Party - Las Vegas, NV
11/25/10 Thanksgiving Day - Surprise Guest - Piedmont, CA
11/06/10 80th Birthday Celebration - Ontario, CA
10/09/10 80th Birthday Celebration - Sacramento, CA
09/26/10 Video - Urban Land Development - Costa Mesa, CA
07/14/10 Microsoft Corp - Party on The Potomac - Sequoia Restaurant - Georgetown - Washington , DC
07/13/10 Microsoft Corp - World Wide Partner Conference 2010 - Washington , DC
06/30/10 Financial Workshops - Overland Park, KS
06/13/10 • A Dual Graduation Celebration - City Forest Lodge • San Francisco, CA
05/20/10 • Grand Expo 2010 @ AT&T Park • San Francisco, CA
05/14/10 • Graduation Celebration - Surprise Visit • Chicago, IL
05/06/10 • Trade Winds Aviation - Wealth Classes • San Jose, CA
04/30/10 • City Forest Lodge - Client's 50th B-Day Celebration • San Francisco, CA
04/24/10 • Savi Corp - Grand Opening of a New Facility • Santa Ana, CA
04/17/10 Tatiana Cabaret Show Russian Restaurant - 30th B-Day Dinner - For a famous Moscow Reporter - Hallandale, FL
04/16/10 • Acqualina Resort & Spa - Surprise Encounter • Sunny Isles Beach, FL
04/14/10 • "Just About Famous" - Documentary - Sarasota Film Festival • Sarasota, FL
03/12/10 • Zeus Appreciation Celebration • South Miami Beach, FL
03/07/10 • CBS Sunday Morning with Bill Geist • Las Vegas, NV
03/04/10 • The Reel Awards • Las Vegas, NV
03/03/10 • Celebrity Impersonators Convention • Las Vegas, NV
01/29/10 • Texas Apartment Association • Lubbock, TX
11/06/09 • Private Birthday Party • Ross, CA
10/11/09 • Private Birthday Party • Menlo Park, CA
09/26/09 • Travel Channel - Extreme Conventions • Las Vegas, NV
09/21/09 • CW Channel 31 - Good Day Sacramento • Sacramento, CA
09/15/09 • NAAC Club Day - Los Positas College • Livermore, CA
09/13/09 • CBS Channel 5 - Human Interest Story • Oakland, CA
08/13/09 • The SunBurst Convention 2009 • Orlando, FL
08/12/09 • Fox TV - Human Interest Story • Orlando, FL
08/09/09 • ISES Convention • San Francisco, CA
08/03/09 • SFCVB - King Tut Exhibit - De Young Museum • San Francisco, CA
07/16/09 • Santa Clara Convention Center - Grand Ballroom Opening • Santa Clara, CA
06/03/09 • All Talk - Interview • Las Vegas, NV
05/28/09 • Celebrity Impersonators Convention • Las Vegas, NV
05/26/09 • Reel Awards • Las Vegas, NV
05/24/09 Celebrity Impersonators Convention - Las Vegas, NV
02/01/09 Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn - Super Bowl Party - Sonoma, CA

President Barack Obama Impersonator Michael Bryant

If you are you tired of the same old boring, predictable, routine entertainment and want to do something different, spice up your event with a near mirror image of President Obama by hiring Barack Alike Mike.

Most people are not familiar with or have not witness this kind of entertainment service. Just imagine the jubilation, conversations and moral boosting your attendees will experience when you have me deliver the knock out, shop stopper.

From concept to implementation my objective is to deliver a premium experience.

Let’s get started by calling Barack Alike Mike (415) 312-5474, NOW! From concept to implementation my objective is to deliver a premium event experience. Your goals become mine. Your team and I will mesh as one.

Read his reviews - look at his photos, they speak for themselves……Check out some of the gigs Barack-Alike has done so that you can get a feeling of why my clients are special to me and why I work so hard for them and their attendees. Their testimonials are why his approval ratings are higher than all the other President Obama Impersonators in the world, and why I have been elected and RE-ELECTED the People’s Choice as the 1st impersonator of the POTUS.

He has walked the red carpets in Hollywood, Las Vegas and Orlando. He has made over 150 appearances impersonating the President for individuals and corporations i.e. Microsoft, Union Bank, Savi Corp and others to name but a few.

His clients have come from all walks of life and from around the world. Some of the scripts he has used have included Russian, Yiddish, Hindi, German, Spanish, Tagalog and various forms of English. Michael Bryant is the “Real Deal” or at least as close as you may get to the President himself.

Let’s make it "HAPPEN"!

The above are only a few suggestions from experiences having impersonated the President since he’s been in office.

Prior to impersonating the POTUS, Michael worked as and still is an Election Microscopist (Materials Scientist) consultant.

When he appears at your event is when the fun begins because it is so unexpected yet praise worthy. Now is the time to use those frequent flier miles. Pay the airfare and get him there.

Only you can make it happen so "let's get started"!

The team providing the talent:




Michael Bryant (Barack-alike Mike) attended our NACC Club Day Event at Las Positas College in Livermore, California in early September 2009. The Club theme was The Constitution. I was impressed with Mr. Bryant's impersonation of President Barack Obama. There were a great many double-takes and some that stood staring wondering how we actually got the President to attend our Club Day. Mr. Bryant greeted each person with a smile and friendly hello. Since this event was at the local Community College, he always asked what they were studying, and stressed the importance of continuing to pursue their education. Furthermore, he posed for pictures with over 50 students and staff members always being careful not to do or say anything that may be against what the real President Barack represents and stands for. I was very impressed with his dignity and concern for the person he was impersonating.

I would definitely hire Mr. Bryant for future events.


– Aneka

Set List

Access to or the option to use a Podium and perhaps a CD player. A Green or Changing room with a mirror as well as bottle water. This room should have ventilation and not be stuffy, too warm or cold.

Influences & Inspiration

The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama as well as the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and US Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

Setup Requirements

A podium

Adequate reading light.