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Why book Bacchanal Promotions?

Bacchanal Promotions is a fully insured entertainment company specializing in fire and circus arts. Based in the Detroit area, Bacchanal Promotions offers fire performance and other circus entertainment throughout the United States and Canada. We strive to deliver only the highest quality of entertainment, and offer a wide variety of unique and elegant acts for any setting. Available performances include several fire acts, stilt performance, aerial acrobatics, juggling, sideshow, much more.




Bacchanal Promotions at Busk & Bard, September 2012

Bacchanal Promotions was an absolute delight to work with and we hope we can do it again next year. Their expertise in coordinating and executing our needs for Busk & Bard: Roxbury Street Performers Festival, September 1, 2012 resulted in an incredible day filled with fire-eating, stilt walking, magic and much more. A very big thank you to all at Bacchanal Promotions and special kudos to the troupe that worked our event - Christopher, Joshua, Cassie and Conner. Thank you for bringing your talents to our Busk & Bard event. You made a lot of people very happy!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Maggie C.
Organization: Roxbury Arts Group
Event: Festival in Roxbury, NY
Event Date: Sep 1, 2012
Hired As: Circus Entertainment, Fire Dancer, Fire Eater, Fire Performer, Interactive Performer, Juggler, Magician, Stilt Walker, Sword Swallower, Traveling Circus

Fort William Historical Park

bacchanal promotions is so amazing, people will be talking it for weeks!
great job!!

Reviewer: anna m.
Event: Fair in Thunder Bay, ON
Event Date: Jul 21, 2012

World-Class Entertainers, without a doubt!

As a fellow performer, I have worked with the Bacchanal Promotions team on many occasions, and hold them in the highest regard. In the thousands of shows I have seen around the U.S., very few other troupes have impressed me with the same level of skill and professionalism. And charm. And panache. And savoir faire. They have the experience and flexibility to masterfully create shows for any type of event. And they're nice too..!

Reviewer: Timothy T. M.
Event: Reunion in Greenville, SC
Event Date: Jun 12, 2009

Review by Carol T.

As one of our community leaders, exclaimed, "WOW!". Bacchanal Prommtions made our Downtown Celebration an amazing and memorable event. They are friendly and charming, thrilling to watch, and top professional entertainers. We can't wait to invite them back.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Carol T.
Organization: Belleville Downtown Development Authority
Event: Grand Opening in Belleville, MI
Event Date: Nov 13, 2010
Hired As: Fire Performer, Acrobat, Fire Eater, Interactive Performer, Juggler, Stilt Walker

Review by Dustin W.

I hired Bacchanal Promotions for a corporate event that my company was hosting, I found them to be professional, punctual, and an overall amazing performance. My guests were left in complete awe. I would highly recommend them for any type of corporate or private event. And I look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Dustin W.
Event: Launch Party in Detroit, MI
Event Date: Oct 7, 2010
Hired As: Fire Performer, Belly Dancer, Fire Eater, Juggler, Stilt Walker

Review by Brictone

Bacchanal Promotions rocks the house!!!

Reviewer: Brictone
Event: Club/Nightclub in Detroit, MI
Event Date: Apr 3, 2010

Review by Natasha N.

Bacchanal Promotions are an AMAZING duo who put on a captivating and mind-blowing performance. Not only are they extremely talented at their work, they have incredible stage-presence that draws in an massive crowd. I watched them perform with others from another company, and Bacchanal definitely stood out from the rest. Their skill level is extraordinary and their tricks are unbelievably intricate and unique. I was impressed with the variety of acts they performed, including traditional stilting, power-stilts, poi, fire-eating, fire-fans, and even some acrobatic balancing that was incorporated into their routines. They work amazingly well as a team. I was awe-struck by their performance and still find myself watching it over and over again. Absolutely fascinating! Phenomenal artists!

Reviewer: Natasha N.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Detroit, MI
Event Date: Apr 3, 2010

Review by Shawn R.

Very good performance that tied in perfectly with our them this year of "Feed the Fire". The performers were prompt and very accommodating generating excitement and energy.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Shawn R.
Organization: Safelite Auto Glass
Event: Corporate Event in Garden City, MI
Event Date: Mar 12, 2010
Hired As: Fire Performer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 480 minutes
  • Fee: $300-$3000
  • Insurance: 2,000,000 - Full liability coverage covering all of the acts we offer. Additional Insured documents available upon request.
  • Languages: English


Audience members at our stage show will experience a constant flow of fire and non-fire performance, gradually building to an exhilarating climax. Though the acts may look dangerous, they are all performed safely and with all necessary precautions in place. The acts are performed silently, to choreographed music or to the music already playing at the event (at client discretion.)

While strolling, acts are chosen based on audience reaction and other factors specific to each event. Each act is interactive and our elegant costumes, makeup, and personalities shine as we meet and greet each audience member enthusiastically.

During the planning phase of the event, we work closely with the client to ensure they receive the best entertainment possible. We are professionals on and off the stage, and strive to keep our clients happy throughout each phase of the event. We work hard to ensure we exceed all of our clients' expectations.

Additional Booking Notes

Stage shows can be coordinated using any size stage, however larger stage shows will allow more extravagant performances. Certain acts may be altered or omitted on smaller stages to maintain adequate safety.

All clients outside the US or requiring a commercial flight will be required to provide all fuels for performances, as flammable liquids are not permitted across borders or on planes.

Bacchanal Promotions

Bacchanal Promotions is a fully insured entertainment company specializing in fire and circus arts. Based in the Detroit area, Bacchanal Promotions offers fire performance and other circus entertainment throughout the United States and Canada. We strive to deliver only the highest quality of entertainment, and offer a wide variety of unique and elegant acts for any setting. Available performances include fire breathing, fire eating, stilt walking, jumping stilt acrobatics, acrobalance, contact juggling, and many other fire and non-fire arts.

Bacchanal Promotions has provided our unique entertainment to all types of events from backyard family parties to professional sporting events, concerts, weddings, corporate functions, and everything in between. Our clients include Cirque Du Soleil, Aston Martin, Comcast, Primus, and hundreds more.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and variety, and have a strong core of performers from various performance-related fields, offering over TWENTY unique acts with even just 3 performers. World-class guest performers are also available, making Bacchanal Promotions the perfect choice for all your entertainment needs.

Fire performance is one of our specialties, which we bring to a whole new level. We have 8 different fire acts including breathing, eating, spinning acts such as poi, and others which we utilize in our stage shows as well as strolling entertainment. We strictly adhere to the safety standards set by our insurance as well as the North American Fire Artists Association (NAFAA) guidelines, and have not had a single safety-related incident in well over 200 indoor and outdoor events since 2007.

Fire entertainment has a profound impact on the atmosphere of an event, and can add a unique element to many themes. Fire eating provides a seductive allure, while spinning acts such as poi, fans, staff, and rope-dart have an elegant beauty in their technical patterns. Fire breathing is of course the embodiment of power and energy.

In addition to fire, our performers are also masters in stilt performance. We don't stop at simple stilt walking however; we offer two different types of unique stilt performances. Perfect for meet-and-greets, crowded areas, festivals and parades, we have traditional stilts which push us nearly 10ft in the air. Towering over crowds we mingle with event guests, greet guests upon entrance, juggle, and even dance. Our stilt costumes are bright and eye-catching, and work wonderfully in many event settings.

If being tall just isn't enough, how about our jumping-stilt acrobats? Using spring-loaded stilts known as "Powerbocks", our performers stand roughly 2ft taller than normal, and can jump more than 6ft off the ground! Acrobatic tricks and flips never fail to draw attention, and are perfect for grand-openings, product launches, and any event where large-scale high-energy entertainment is required.

For those looking for something a bit obscure, Bacchanal Promotions is the obvious choice. Our stylish and elegant sideshow acts are second-to-none, rendering audiences speechless from confusion, awe and delight. Though they may look like magic tricks, our performers truly put themselves in uncomfortable and dangerous situations for your entertainment. From the "human blockhead" to "bed of nails" and everything in between, all of our sideshow acts are quite real. Sideshow is the perfect way to spice up your next event, and ensure your guests are talking about it for years to come.

Sword swallowing involves placing the blade of a solid steel sword into the performer's mouth, and pushing more than 16" of that blade down their throat. The sword passes into the oesophagus, literally pushes the heart aside, travels the full length of the oesophagus, and finally comes to rest at the bottom of the stomache. Sword swallowing is very dangerous, and takes years of dedication to perform safely. This act is not a trick, and does not use a fake sword or any other gimmick. Because of the extreme level of danger and difficulty, sword swallowing is one of the most exclusive performances found anywhere. Though sword swallowing has existed as a performance art for more than 4000 years, there are less than 100 sword swallowers in the world today. Andrew D'Ascenzo of Bacchanal Promotions is currently the only true sword swallower in Michigan, and is an active member of the Sword Swallower's Association International.

At Bacchanal Promotions we offer many types of circus entertainment, and have the experience and variety to build the perfect entertainment for your event. Whether it's juggling, unicycling, stilts, fire, sideshow, or anything else, we're here to ensure your event gets exactly what it needs. Call us today with your ideas, and we'll make your dream event a reality!

The team providing the talent:

Andrew D'Ascenzo


Lex D'Ascenzo



Core Performer


Core Performer


Guest Performer


Guest Performer


Guest Performer


Guest Performer


Guest Performer


We hired Bacchanal Promotions to do strolling entertainment for our elementary school's Daddy Daughter Dance....which is a huge, fancy event at our school every year. As one of the chairpersons for the dance, I heard more people say that this was the best dance they have ever been to. I have to say that it was the added entertainment provided. These guys were absolutely outstanding. Our theme was Mardis Gras. We wanted to add a carnival atmosphere. Between the stilt walking, the unicycle, the juggling, and the "magic balls" as the girls called them, as well as various other illusions, it was perfect! It provided the right amount of activity as various girls came off and on the dance floor. It also gave some added entertainment for the Dads, who tend to get a little bored. Not this year! Andrew is one class act! From the minute I spoke to him on the phone I was so impressed....and I am not that easy to impress! It is rare to find someone who is not only an amazing performer, but a professional businessman, as well. Bravo Bacchanal Promotions....we will definately work together in the future. I hope you get many refferals from our guests, as well. I also loved that you

– Michelle Pylar

Thank you SO much for staying humble about how amazing you guys truly are, and for being so affordable and professional.

– Angela Pal

We were left in awe when you left. It was a great experience, we've seen many fire shows before, but this one was really great!

– Kyle Aleyas

Our audience was intrigued, impressed and in awe of your various performances ... helped make this one of our most successful concerts to date.

– Craig Strain

You are some of the best performers I hire, I recommend you guys to everybody ... I never have any safety concerns, you handle everything perfectly ... Anyone looking for an excellent show that's reliable and adds an extra element to an event, call you because you guys are great!

– Bryan Chin

Set List


The following represents most of the acts available through Bacchanal Promotions. If you would like to know more about any of the acts listed below, please feel free to contact us, or find examples within our gallery. If you have a specific request that is not listed here, please contact us and if your request is beyond the scope of our available services, we will be happy to refer you to a reputable provider.


Fire Breathing
Fire Eating
Fire Poi
Double Staff
Fire Fingers
Fire Staff
Fire Fans
Fire Rope Dart
Fire Hoop


Stilt Walking
Toss Juggling
Plate Spinning
Bull-Whip Manipulation


Contact Juggling
Jumping Stilt Acrobatics
Aerial Silks (and many other aerial arts)
Isolation Hoop Manipulation
Hand Balancing
Levi-stick (aka flow wand)
Ribbon Dancing


Sword Swallowing
Human Blockhead
Mental Floss
Straight-Jacket Escape
Glass Eating
Razor Blade Eating
Bed of Nails
Sword Ladder


ToroFlux - 3D Spinning Slinky!
Human Statue
Magic & Sleight of Hand
Complex Illusions
Little People


Caricature Art
Balloon Sculpture
Face Painting
Airbrush Art
Palm Reading
Tarot Card Reading
Fortune Telling


These acts are only recommended for clients looking for extremely obscure and grotesque entertainment. These nationally touring acts require a larger budget and a stronger stomach than most of our other available acts. Book with caution.

Suspension (hanging from hooks in skin)
Natural-born human oddities
Several Multiple World-Record Holding sideshow acts.

Influences & Inspiration

We are influenced by every aspect of our lives, each new performer we meet or act we see gives us insight into our own potential. We have many friends who helped us get to where we are now, and are always looking to make new ones. The most inspirational performances we have seen have been in the Cirque du Soleil, and performers we've known from their productions.

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Bacchanal Promotions to find out what their setup requirements are.

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