Altitude Aerials

Why book Altitude Aerials?

Altitude Aerials is your premier source for aerial entertainment across the USA, based out of Phoenix, AZ. We blend the beauty of ballet, the athleticism of gymnastics and the skill of cirque, to create gravity-defying aerial art. Our aerialists demonstrate both acrobatic daring and graceful dancing for awe-inspiring aerial acts for shows, conferences, galas, church services and events.

Altitude Aerials provides both center stage aerial acts and ambient overhead aerial entertainment, uniquely created for your event and venue. We can even train your own dancers to safely take flight in your production, recital or performance.




Streets of Paris Event

Altitude Aerials was amazing! The mime was incredible! He was playfull, friendly, comical, and quirky. The human statue was causing everyone to double takes and cries of "Wow, that's a real person!" were heard the entire time. Thank you so much for making our employee appreciation event so special and memorable!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Angela S.
Event: Corporate Event in Glendale, AZ
Event Date: Oct 23, 2013
Hired As: Human Statue, Interactive Performer

Excellent Entertainment!

I hired Altitude Aerials for an awards show and they were great to work with as we went through the planning process. Nicole was wonderful to work with! She was great to answer any questions and talk through how they could make our event one to remember! Everything went flawlessly and it was definitely a HUGE addition to our awards night. All our attendees raved about the show afterwards. I would definitely recommend Altitude Aerials to anyone!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Ben P.
Event: Awards Night in Phoenix, AZ
Event Date: May 2, 2012
Hired As: Aerialist

Absolutely Fabulous

I recently hired on a few performers for a social event for my sorority. Our event came together quickly and extremely last minute, and they were more than accommodating! Nicole Crist got everything together for me to have the best performers for my event. The event was more than a success with everyone that came, and the guest were absolutely charmed and mesmerized with the unique performances and professionalism. This is the best group to work with! I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone =)

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Kate F.
Organization: Alpha Gamma Delta
Event: Private Party in Scottsdale, AZ
Event Date: Mar 9, 2012
Hired As: Circus Entertainment

Professional & Extremely Creative

I have worked with Altitude Aerials several times over the years and have found working with Nicole and Joshua Crist, as well as their teams of artists, to be a delight. Their professional approach, and desire to partner with their clients, made every part of our encounter with them a great one. From the initial consultation, to the preparations of the venue, to the actual performance, to the tear down, Nicole and her team were always on top of things . Additionally, their extreme creativity, and desire to capture what WE were wanting to accomplish, brought a new level of excitement and quality to each and every performance they were involved in. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any upcoming event you might be considering. .

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Joani C.
Organization: City of Grace
Event: Church Service in Mesa, AZ
Event Date: Dec 25, 2011
Hired As: Aerialist, Acrobat, Balancing Act, Circus Entertainment, Trapeze Artist

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 1 - 300 minutes
  • Fee: $550 - $6,000
  • Insurance: 2M
  • Languages: English


Altitude Aerials provides two main types of entertainment for your audience to enjoy- Center stage acts and Ambient acts.

Center stage entertainment are prepared acts, choreographed to specific music or video. During a center stage act, focus shifts to highlight the aerial entertainment. Usually center stage acts are on a stage or a vantage point in the room where the entire audience can enjoy. Center stage acts are highly physical, and a single act would last 2-5 minutes. Multiple acts can be strung together to create an entire stage show.

Ambient acts are improvised acts, performing to the DJs music or whatever the sounds of the room are. Ambient aerial entertainment goes on in the midst of the event, to compliment the atmosphere. Aerial acrobats are placed in strategic locations throughout the venue, often over the audience's heads. Ambient aerial acts can last up to 45 minutes for each set, with multiple sets across the length of the event.

Audiences love both center stage and ambient acts, and pricing is very similar for both entertainment types.

Corporate events such as parties usually prefer ambient acts, to lengthen the entertainment factor (we can provide ambiance for 5 hours!)

Special events such as award ceremonies usually prefer center stage entertainment, to make a big splash for a major announcement.

Either option is highly entertaining and can be custom created to suit your event. The audience will be in awe and talking about the amazing event for weeks!

Additional Booking Notes

For aerials- 1000 lb capacity rigging point ideally 15 ft or higher, or enough floor clearance for our portable rig (sizes vary).
For living fountains- standard hose hook-up, 5X5ft floor clearance, flat surface
For stilt walkers- self-contained/nothing needed
For living statues & human sculpture- raised platform is preferable (though we can bring our own)
For strolling tables- self-contained/nothing needed

Altitude Aerials

About Altitude Aerials

Based out of Phoenix

Altitude Aerials travels frequently for performance and teaching engagements but it’s home base is in sunny Arizona! Though we’re in the desert, we have strong ties with the dance and aerial community around the US and consider NYC, Philly, Florida and Cali all our second homes! To date, Altitude Aerials has flown in over 40 venues, at more than 150 performances, for over 350,000 audience members!!

From small art showings to large art center openings, Altitude Aerials has performed for all sorts of special occasions. Notable events include the grand re-opening gala of the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts- Altitude Aerials was the opening act for Kristin Chenoweth, the Venue of Scottsdale’s superbowl party featuring LL Cool J, and Phoenix’s 30th Anniversary of the Governor’s Arts Awards.

Altitude Aerials is honored and humbled to have performed in many great churches around the nation. Aerials are amazing service specials for many big weekends such as Easter, Mothers Day, Independence Day and Christmas as well as women's conferences. Performances can vary from accompanying videos or music, to enhancing specials and sermon illustrations, to incorporating into large theatrical numbers and productions.

Additionally, Altitude Aerials has performed in intimate jazz concerts, corporate parties, award shows and as featured performances in dance concerts, showcases and recitals.

The team providing the talent:

Nicole Crist


Set List

▢ Flying Silks ▢ Static Silks ▢ Ambient Silks ▢ Flying Hoop ▢ Static Hoop ▢ Ambient Hoop ▢ Hoop w/ Silk Attached ▢ Static Trapeze ▢ Ambient Trapeze/Perch ▢ Harness ▢ Rope ▢ Flying Sling/Hammock ▢ Static Sling/Hammock ▢ Ambient Sling/Hammock ▢ Custom Apparatus ▢ Golden Birdcages ▢ Tropical Vines ▢ Crystal Chandelier ▢ Crystal Hammock ▢ Stilt Walkers ▢ Jugglers ▢ Living Statues ▢ Strolling Tables ▢ Living Fountain ▢ Human Sculpture

Influences & Inspiration

Cirque Du Soleil, NYC Ballet, Lady Gaga

Setup Requirements

15' minimum height clearance

6' x 6' floor clearance below each aerialist