A Looney Clown

Why book A Looney Clown?

A Looney Clown & LV Puppets are licensed companies, we are insured and very professional. We travel all over the USA to conventions to educate ourselves further in our crafts and skills.

Let "Zaney Lainie the clown" come and entertain your guest at your next party or company event. Zaney loves to entertain children of all ages.

Don't need a clown then have "Plain Lainie" attend your event instead.

Some of Zaney Lainie's many skills are: cool balloon twisting, awesome face painting, entertaining puppet shows, silly clown magic show and so much more.

Please check out our website for all our details about clowning information, photos and all of our other skills.




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 150 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Insurance: I have entertainers insurance policy is for $1,000,000.
  • Languages: English


There are lots of ways to celebrate that special occasion or company event and we are here to help you!

Let "Zaney Lainie" the clown entertain your guest at your next event or hire just "Lainie" the entertainer to balloon twist, face paint, perform a puppet show, do silly clown magic, glitter tattoos, games and so much more we can do.

Looney 4 Balloons also creates beautiful balloon decor great for balloon deliveries, fun balloon sculptures and cool balloon decor for your special event. We also create beautiful wedding balloon decor & favors.

We set up a free consultation and meet you at a local coffee shop (coffee on us), your business place or even your home. We arrive with our very cool idea book that is filled with photos that help us inspire ideas for your event. Our prices are for the budget minded and we will create that one of a kind event for you.

Our website is filled with many great ideas to help you plan your event.

Additional Booking Notes

If I am face painting it is good to have me in a well light area or have electricity near by so I can bring in my lighting.

Balloons I can twist inside or outside.

Silly clown show can be performed inside or outside...

For my puppet shows--I do need to work inside for this type of event. Then all I need is electricity and about a 12 x 12 area for my stage and for the children to sit around. I have two different stages that I can use. The first fits in a doorway setting and the other is a free standing stage. I bring the lighting, music and everything needed.... you just need to supply the children...

A Looney Clown

Zaney Lanie the clown is a bright and colorful clown that enjoys being around children. She is very professional looking and has great clown manners. ZL has lots of clown training and travels around the United States to various conventions to keep her skills up to date... Zaney is not a person in a clown suit, she is the real deal folks, yup a real bone-a-fide clown <:o).

When entering an event Zaney scans the room to see who has fear in their faces/eyes, sadly there is usually at least one child or one adult. ZL will talk to the folks at a distance and let the parents know to let the child come to her in their own terms so they won't be afraid of the clown... by the end of the party they have no fear and are Zaney's best bud 99.99% of the time.

Then the fun begins depending on the activities chosen with the party package Lainie is off entertaining your guest with face painting, fun glitter tattoos, playing games, doing a puppet show, creating some silly magic, dancing and singing to music.... and the last thing we do is balloons.

Birthday parties--Lainie arrives with a large balloon sculpture for the birthday child and with a balloon birthday cake, plus a goodie bag with an $7-$10 value (depends on age). She brings coloring sheets, crayons, suckers and stickers for all the child guest, too. The birthday child is treated like royalty.... 1st in line, can have as many face paints or balloons as they desire (time permitting). Zaney tries to include the b-day child in the activities. And then we just try to have a blast... woo hoo!!!! Party!!!! The clowns in the house <:o)

Having a large event and want more than one entertainer.... well ZL can help, she has a talented group of friends that face paint, do balloons, clown, do magic etc... they are always willing to lend a hand.

Lainie is great to have at grand opening events, she can twist balloons, face paint or do a meet and greet. She also has been at trade shows to help attract people to the vendors booth.

Company picnics she can also take care of your games or MC the picnic for you....

Pool parties--Having a pool party let Lainie come and create some beautiful glitter tattoos for all your guest adults love the glitter tattoos, too. They last 4--7 days.

ZL can also attend other events.... Lainie has entertained at wedding receptions, baby showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc. keeping the kids entertained while the adults are having fun... That way all your guest will be happy!

The team providing the talent:

Allana Mello

Zaney Lainie the clown

Set List

~ Face painting I will need two chairs I supply the table...
~ Balloons I just need a work area indoors
~ Magic show I use a 4' table room to move around and for your guest to sit
~ Puppet show the stage is 9'x6'...... the show must be preformed indoors due to wind, heat, cold and stage will blow over

Influences & Inspiration

I love watching other clowns and entertainers. My mentor would be Mama Clown she has been my inspiration from my beginning of clowning and every time I see her I learn more and more.

I would say my grandmothers and my mom are my personal inspirations. My Grandmothers are very artistic and love to have fun in life. My mom what can I say.... I am almost a complete duplicate of her. She is silly, goofy and loves to have fun... she's pretty darn cool.

Setup Requirements

electricity for puppet shows

electricity if face painting in dark area

indoor area if temps are over 90*

Indoors for puppet shows