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Are you hoping that you can team up with Leo DiCaprio to incept someone's dreams? Think you can hop into the dreams of that cute guy that works across from you in accounting and plant the idea to ask you on a date? Well... we don't think that any of these psychic entertainers know how to perform inception, but they WILL be able to tell you if that cute guy will ever ask you out. They’ll also wow all of your guests with palm reading, tarot cards, mind reading, and anything else tricky to predict the future.

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About Booking Psychic Entertainment

Hiring psychic entertainment is a great way to entertain and mystify the guests at your next fair, festival, party or community event. Whether you want to portray the illusion of magic, mind-reading, or predicting the future, Gig Salad will help connect you with psychic entertainment in your area to help make your next event a success.

Here's a few tips to keep in mind when you're hiring a psychic entertainer. First, find psychic entertainment that specializes in the style of entertainment that you want for your event. Do you want mind reading, tarot cards, or future predictions? Please note that psychic entertainment has not been proven to be accurate and predictions should be taken as entertainment and not fact. Next, you should ask the entertainer to view video of their past performances. Also ask if they have references you can call. Lastly, inquire about all the specifics for your event. Will the psychic entertainment need a special type of floor, table or stage? How much area is needed? Follow these tips, and you'll be on you way to figure out if winning the lottery is ever in your future!