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Why book Percussionists

If the venue’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’. That’s what people will think when they hear the bass drum thumpin’ and cymbals crashin’ outside of your event. Whether you’re looking for a new drummer for your band that knows how to tear up a drum kit, or if you’d like a soloist to jam out on African drums and set a laid-back mood at your event... Gig Salad makes it easy for you to find talented percussionists of all kinds to choose from!

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About Booking Percussionists

From bongos and steel drums, to marching drums and classic drum kits, we'll hook you up with percussion players for a variety of styles that'll be a great fit for any type of event. From corporate functions and fundraisers to private parties and weddings, percussionists can provide your event with the perfect beat. The only work you need to do is take a few minutes to watch videos, listen to audio, check out photo galleries, read reviews, and contact the percussionists that you're interested in to ensure you book the perfect entertainment for your upcoming event.